That I'm only ever used for s** by women. It's gotten so bad that I know realistically I'll never have a meaningful relationship. Every single woman I've ever had a "meaningful" relationship with, has used me specifically for s**. This isn't just me assuming, this is what they tell me when the relationship has ended. Just because I go at it for ~2 hours is not a reason to stay in a relationship with me, yet many women have done so until they found someone "better" (AKA, had more money). I've been single for the past 6 years, and only had occasional flings to handle basic urges. I never intend on dating seriously ever again. I've turned to alcohol and other vices, and it's completely ruining my health. Thanks you f****** succubi.

If you're reading this; don't f****** use people for s**.

Mar 22, 2021

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