My bf and me fun experience with my stomach

I am writing about my BF who loves playing with my stomach and wants me to wear sarees and other feminine attire which reveal stomach, navel, abdomen, belly waist etc.

He likes using macho power, while he does not hurt me much, but really gets aggressive with me at times trying to over power me.

A similar incident happened when he and i went to national park in my car, as you are aware inside is a jungle and roads are desolate. He makes me stand against the car and press/punch my navel/stomach etc till his hearts content. One case i remember when we were having fun he made me sit on passenger seat and started telling me to say sorry for saying something to him, I was not willing to so he was standing out and began pressing my stomach with his fist very strongly, while enjoying my pain. I was also feeling pain but did not want to give up. It was a win win for him, as he gets to use his power against my belly till i gave to and kept saying sorry sorry, please please etc to satisfy his ego.

Let me know if you all want to hear more stories of my experiences of this nature

Mar 22, 2021

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  • Be very careful about what your doing.
    Do you have a safe word so if your hurting to much he will stop?
    Just be safe OK!!

  • Does it make you happy? Why are you still with him?

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