I get called names

I got called names after i had s** with to boys,the older lads started wanting it and if i say no i would get crap all day,so to get it to stop i would give them what they wanted and the rest of the day wouldn't be so bad,it changed me i stopped caring i would tell myself im using them, I've even gone out looking for it no matter there age,my mum has never really been a mother to me i look at my auntie and wish she was my mum i wanted a part of that life,my cousin is a lovely guy if he seen me he would make sure i got home safe, before Christmas he had a few drinks and we ended up watching films,it became every few days watch films and he will leave in the morning, Christmas Eve i asked him to stay because i didn't want to wake up to an empty house,he didn't mind he got used to sleeping on our sofa,I woke up and checked to see if he was still there and seen a little light coming from the living room and peaked in and saw him sat up breathing heavily i peaked in more and saw the blanket going up and down,I kept peaking i knew by the sounds he made he had c** the door creaked and he saw me,he apologized when it should of been me saying that to him,I told him i may only be 14 but i do no about stuff im not a Virgin he said yes but im 24,I said i didn't care he was older age doesn't matter i was basically telling him i would but he wasn't getting what i was hinting at,he tells me to go to bed i couldn't sleep after seeing that 10 minutes later i see the landing light come on and hear him coming to my door my door opens and my light switched on,he said he new what i was offering him but said he is large which i could see he was and didn't think i meant it,I sat up and said not to worry and let me give him his Christmas present early,he was nervous about crossing that line with us being cousin's but i talked him round told him i was on the pill he takes off his boxer shorts and im looking at this fully grown man ready to get in bed with me,he gets in and gets on top he was so sweet and gentle he took it slow making sure each time he went in further i was ok it wasn't nothing like the others i been with quick and fast he took his time making love to me,it must of been for nearly 30 minutes he lifts his body each thrust getting gets faster one last thrust he grabs hold of my headboard and starts to c** im feeling every twitch his c*** is making until he stops and put his dead weight on me,he pulled out and laid next to me panting like a dog not meaning to be both fell asleep waking up in the morning i left him in bed for a little longer when he finally came downstairs without his boxer shorts he was asking if im ok and getting a b**** again i new he wanted more and done it again this time was a quicky,no one knows anything we're careful my auntie thinks he stays to watch films she doesn't have a clue that we sleep together,I don't care about the age gap i think i love him.

Mar 23, 2021

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  • I don't believe it. This story has BS all over it. Even if it is true, which I doubt, you are not telling it like it happen.

  • Call the police!

  • Your going to have a big problem!!!
    He is older and if the Law was involved he could go to jail for child rape or under age s.. with a minor.
    Be very careful with what you do it has cocequenses...

  • So why would that be his problem! She is the victim, He should be shot and killed for what he did!

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