I'm a retired circus sideshow worker.

I was born with hypertricosis which means I have hair covering every inch of my body in a fur like mass. My sister has the same condition and lives with me.

When I moved into this neighborhood some children asked me about the hair and I told them I was a werewolf. People with my condition have snaggle teeth also. They of course didn't believe me but I told them that ghosts and vampires came to visit me very often and if they watched they could see them.

Other circus freaks came to visit me and an emaciated man told them he was a vampire. A midget come over and told them she was a midget.

The childrens parents freak out when they hear their children repeat my tall tales but they go along with the joke.

My sister and I give the kids cokes and lemonade and I'm a hit at halloween.

I never married as I did not want to saddle a child with this problem of mine.

My sister never dated much less get married. I feel sorry for her. We sign a lot of autographs and so do my former workers who come to visit me.

The man with alligator skin chases the kids but never catches them.

Mar 24, 2021

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  • There is a long and heroic history of "freaks" in American circus sideshows. I have seen an artist named Ralph LeCompte who has created and painted replicas of sideshow banners from American history. The show was titled "You Call Them Freaks. We Call Them Kindred." It has been shown at some universities and art displays and opened a lot of eyes to the human condition and the need to accept and honor everyone's humanity. Thanks for this entry and keep rockin' it friend.

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