The Age Difference is a Little Much

I'm a 20 year old guy. I have a new friend thats a 16 year old girl. She is totally into me. I was showing my friend our texts and they said that she is totally into me. (Lied to my friend and said she was 18)

I posted a picture on my private ig story of a basket of stuff I was getting at the market and threw some condoms in with the hopes of her replying and pointing them out, which she did. We were talking about s** all evening and into this week.

She sent me a good morning text this morning. She wants us to hang out alone soon. Before you call me a s** criminal, it is indeed legal for us to have s** where we live. The age of consent here is 16. Us doing it is totally not socially exeptable for good reason, but she wants it arguably more than I do.

I literally might be doing it with her in the coming week or two.

Mar 25, 2021

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