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The pursuit of happiness and to meet our potential is a God given gift that makes us human beings, but how much free will do you really have?. Some people might tell you that there are times that you can't do something, which is fairly true, but when the right of opportunities exist then it is our freedom to protect how we wish to devote ourselves. Obviously, there are some things ethically and morally we cannot tolerate in society for obvious reasons, such as harming others or other socially cohesive reasons of why we observe laws to work with others. Some people lose hope of what they have left, even the idea that they have lost the opportunity to reclaim what they could have done. Many have unfortunately been a victim of the idea that they wanted to end everything, but was that really the case? Not everyone wants to end the story, some just want to end the suffering, trauma, burden and negative circumstances that they have fallen into, there are those who want to show themselves that they actually wanted a better life.

Good people want to keep their courage and character, and genuinely not want to pass on their pain to others. Deep inside you realise that the only reason you feel that way is that you miss someone really good before, the best thing to learn is realising that if you leant how to make something a certain way then you can do it again. Sometimes to feel alive you take the good parts with the bad and realise how happy you are to have something that makes you feel that way, because the only way you feel that way because of how good that made you feel before knowing you knew how to put yourself to it. Sometimes the best things can come and go, but even when you are sad there could be a sense of missing something which like car keys you can go find. It's ok to feel sad, It's ok to cry, it's ok to open ourselves up again. Most people strive to protect the characteristics that make us human, you would hope that deep down there is the feeling that you are in control of your life. Controlling your life means you could reinvent whatever opportunity you made, maybe you might have a job you enjoy, a positive inner circle of you trust, clean mental slate, time to enjoy certain hobbies or successes all while having the privilege to have the sense of safety, free will and privacy among you.

We know with the axiom of causality that for every single effect in our lives, they all require some motion for it to happen. For every cause would require an explanation towards why it is occurring that has contributed to that. Some are very obvious, if someone were to ask you why the sun came up then you would answer that it’s because of the Earth’s rotation, some are more complex. Questioning any problems, you might have will depend on your free will, either it was because of your actions or another external cause. Do you ever question whether they are free or if they are making their own choices themselves? One of the worst things that can be suppressed is your privilege to have freedom of opportunity, and I mean this instead of ‘equality of outcome’ because it's about someone being able to fully control their destiny with mixed results. When people are misled that equality of outcome becomes a right, they lose their position to compete and thus gamble with their life being artificially dependent to be manipulated.

With some people, they could easily be living life but because they have been forced into socially engineered issues they have been made to overcomplicate s*** and involve unnecessary drama and problems. Today there is a highly growing burden of emotional pain issues leaving people unhappy which some of the time aren’t even sufficiently controllable or at fault of the victims. Often people are easily convinced that they are entitled to be happy, they might also be surrounded by toxic people who endorses a mentally unhealthy lifestyle opposed to getting help. Generally, some traumatic events might have happened, people might have had bad relationships, maybe they feel isolated or confused, and many other reasons. Sometimes when people do have fall outs in a relationship, they may forget who is to blame, could it possibly be their environment or the result of a third party that caused trouble to occur among two people?.

Eliminating some of the major problems harboring over our day-to-day lives that we cannot control might be seen as an idealistic fantasy or a story of false politically motivated lies. Some issues that affect us might evolve among our peers, or might be on a larger scale. Things like poverty, crime, conflict and environmental destruction are things an individual alone most likely can't solve in a single day. Many problems directly impacting us that we face might come and go but one that sometimes continues is whether our own thinking that contributed to it can solve it.

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Mar 26, 2021

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