Out-of-Control Kids

I'm female and teach 4th and 5th grade math. I am constantly sexually harassed by my students. The boys in my classes are always sending me lewd notes and e-mails, some send me lewd photographs. Not to mention the gropes and pinches and at least twice a week I get flashed. I'm not alone - every other teacher in the district has encountered the same thing from their students. We even had a 3rd grade male teacher complain about being groped by a female student!

The response of the administration? Of the school board? Officially - NOTHING! It seems that the school board and the administration do not like the way such incidents get into the news media and make the schools in question look bad. So if we report it, we're told to keep quiet "while an inquiry is made into the matter". And two years later, no action has yet been taken.

All of us teachers are aware of the students having s** at various locations at school - restrooms, in the auditorium, even in classrooms - but we've been unofficially warned off of trying to stop it.

So we continue to try and do our jobs and ignore the half-dozen pregnant girls who aren't even in high school yet. Not to mention ignore the harassment directed at our persons by over-hormonal punks. Becuase the people who control our paychecks and pensions don't want to deal with bad publicity.

I dread thinking what sort of adults these kids will become. All because of moral and political cowards who don't want a scandal.

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  • While I do think it all starts at home, I'll also say...Having an older sister who's the "Hot Teacher" at her school, I also think, in today's world...These things almost need to be allowed for; She gets grabbed, groped, hugged, and side-poked (waist pokes..sometimes they'll inch her shirt up so can poke bare skin) all the time, and, as long as it's not overly rough or disruptive, takes it in stride.

    She also knows who she'll withstand it from and those who mean or want "more" from her, which she'll then put a stop to. She taught most of the now high school boys when they were in elementary school, so, knows them well. Is ok with a little handling and fun.

  • Considering the strict laws in place to prevent and punish teachers from acting in such a way to their students, you would think it would work the same the other way around! It's sad that our society doesn't take sexual harassment from kids seriously -- or even outright sexual assault, for that matter.

    I say go to the police about it.. Stress to them that you want your identity kept confidential, maybe even get it in writing. They can just say they've had some complaints from teachers in the district, and leave it at that. I bet the school would do something then! And it wouldn't be making a public spectacle out of the whole thing either, but it would sure get the school leaders' attention.

    I know if I were in your shoes, I'd be scared to do even that much... But at the same time, you've got to stand up for what's right.

  • you should just do the cute ones

  • Collecting evidence means nothing - the administration IS the teachers' union around here, and the administration wants nothing to cause adverse publicity.
    Anyone making too much noise suddenly has a "long-standing record" as a "troublemaker" and gets disciplinary suspension at the least. The fact that this "long-standing record" may be only minutes old and be a complete fabrication doesn't matter to the higher-ups as long as they look good.
    The only real option is to quit and find another job - which is all but impossible now. And becomes impossible without a letter of recommendation.

  • Get video evidence. Present to administration. Present to union.

  • I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't overheard my own kids talking about s** with their friends.

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