I confess that Native Americans are mentally Ill Sociopaths

I confess that most Native American people are real nice people, but it’s the small percentage of them that give most native people a bad name, just as the KKK gave most White People a bad name. I know what the Natives went through, they went through H*** and lots of it in their Residential School era, ever since day one the Government tried to kill the Injun.

And they almost succeeded, I know what Native children go though, they have grown up in a Asylum from H*** run by the Inmates. It’s no longer the Residential Schools that are the downfall of a Native people.
It’s the Drugs and alcohol and living in denial that’s driving a whole generation to grow up with no Job skills, no life skills, no social skills, no promising future skills, bad hygiene, bad dental coverage.
no leaving the reservation to go thousands of miles away to go Job hunting in the California or Texas and leave behind all the stupid scabs who do nothing but make a hard working young person become too damn dependant on Welfare.
It’s H*** for a young Native person to leave the stupid native community, to go off and live their dreams of becoming their own damn person for once in their Lives.
the Young native people are forced to stay to look after stupid people who are too dependent on Welfare and drugs and Alcohol and other peoples Money.

Some days I wish to God that DSS ( Department of Social Services ) had taken me far away into Foster care, than I’ll no longer be me, I would have been given to a Foster family rather than continuing to living this Third Class citizen lifestyle. Yes the Police and DSS almost did take me away into Foster care many times and I wish they had Succeeded in their plans for me.

Mar 31

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  • You should read “in search of April raintree” it’s very helpful on understanding what would happen in social services and how native Americans need support, rather than being called sociopaths.

  • As a Wampanoag I think calling us Native Americans mentally ill sociopath is disgusting. We were and still are fighting for our rights.

    Native woman get captured all the time, native children were and still are used sexually by whites. "Pilgrims" took the only thing we had since the beginning, our land and our freedom.

    All we want is equal rights, not people putting homes under native graves, not destroying our water so people can make it toxic, and not be treated like we were hundred years ago.

  • I know that, but Reservations are not at all happy places, they never were, I’m just telling the truth on what actually happens to a young native person growing up in a unhappy place such as a Reservation.
    Young people are not allowed to leave the Reservation as young adults to go far away, thousands of miles away into the United States to go job hunting, I’m a Native Canadian and I should have ran away at the age of 20 years old and I never should have stopped running, I was on that Bus to the United States and I almost made it to the United States, I was less than 150 km (2 days ) away from the Border.
    But than I injured my Ankle walking through a town called Kelowna British Columbia and I could go no further than even 20 feet more, I would have made it all the way to the damn border if I hadn’t twisted my Ankle. I should have gone all the way if I hadn’t fell down and broken my shoes and twisted my Ankle on the way to the Border.

  • Mentally ill sociopaths? That can be said about a lot of people, not just natives.

  • F*** you

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