Just how far will my wife let a flirting hotel guest go...

Wife had been working in marketing for a premium hotel for a few years and she was the hostess with the mostess at weekly dinner for their regular corporate guests. Basically table hopping to keep the fella's entertained. She'd tell me about her guests comments towards her, they were clearly suggestive but she's a bit naive and would ask about me what they were getting at. They were either talking about her looks or how lucky I was or if she were single how she would be having 'fun'. Definitely flirting but she wasn't convinced, or maybe she was and just acting innocent? Either way, she'd get a confidence boost and feel sexy which in turn meant I would get laid when she got home, so we were both happy to keep it coming.

The work culture was never great so she decided to move on. Her dinner regulars were of course disappointed as she was one of the reasons they had been loyal guests. One of the regulars, a CFO that she got along well with and had flirted with her before that she also admitted was ok to look at, sneakily asked if she could help him get some good rates at a new hotel. She trusted him enough so why not! They would have to look for an opportunity to chat privately so he suggested they can talk in his hotel room, which was definitely out-of-bounds so she refused but would see if another opportunity came up and left it at that.

When she told me I said he almost certainly wanted to get in her pants as you don't invite a pretty girl to your room for just business talk, but she wasn't sure. I'd even met him once at a hotel x-mas event, decent guy, he was a bit older but they entertained each other equally at the dinners so I'm thinking that she might want to socialize with him casually? I tell her I'm fine for her to go catch up in his room if she really wanted to, so long as she could trust him with her safety and even maybe quietly sus out if he really did have something more in mind!

As for me, I'm secretly hoping the guy would flirt and maybe even hit on her. She's old enough to know her limits so if perhaps he even stole a kiss I would be ok with that too as her confidence would skyrocket and I'd reap the rewards. On a side note, we dirty talk in the bedroom about her with other guys, which I'm more into than she is, so getting to first base is no problem at all from my point of view, and in fact if the guy made it to second base I'd be genuinely excited! We're both in this for life so I trust her and confident that nothing can come between us.

She said he's way too professional for anything like that and with a family back home she doesn't expect him to try anything at all, but she is keen for some socializing that doesn't revolve around our kids for once so she locks it in for her last day which happens to one of the dinner nights. He of course accepts.


On the night, I expect her home late as it's gonna take forever to do all the goodbyes anyway. I'm in bed and we share locations so I can see her starting to head home just before 11.

I'm not making assumptions and will let her fill me in. I coyly ask how the night went and she says she'll get ready for bed first and then tell me. She had a grin on her lips and I figured if nothing happened she'd have said so and I'm now busting with excitement. She only has her undies on as she climbs into bed and says she didn't bother with anything else as she knows I'm about to s**** her anyway, which already tells me I'm in for a good story :) She tells me straight up that he tried damned hard and it took a while slow his advances! Yes! My hand already made its way to her b**** as she starts her story.

Dinner was some goodbyes but otherwise typical. The guy was there but not super attentive so she figured he wasn't interested. After that she did her farewells to the staff and by the time she made it to his room she was resigned to just get in to sort out his new hotel and get out. The door opened and he let her in. It immediately got crazy.

He immediately leaned in slipped his tongue in her mouth! She was so startled that she went into a mental daze and didn't consciously react, but her natural response was to kiss back so they were passionately french kissing within moments. I guess he took that as approval and who wouldn't? He moved a hand down to grab her ass while leading her over to the lounge then sat down and pulled her onto his lap, legs apart. She was only wearing a skirt which was now up at her hips leaving only her panties keeping her covered, and was still trying to mentally catch up while he immediately began grinding into her and squeezing her b****. She said she could feel his c*** as it got rock hard so no question about what he had on his mind.

She hadn't caught up from the shock yet and needed take control before something happened that she wasn't ready for. I was concerned that he'd passed her limit but she was fine with it. It was still not enough for him, he slid a hand to her inner thigh and rubbed her through her panties! She was surprisingly ok with that for a while too? In fact she confessed that he made her wet! He figures it's game on now so unzips his pants and starts thrusting his hard-on against her entry. Even with her panties on she admits he managed to slip his tip a little inside her. WTF!

This finally gave my wife the opportunity take control. It was the checkpoint she needed to pause at, so she moved up off him to catch her breath. He finally realized that maybe the night wasn't going to end the way he wanted.

This whole thing was unexpected and massive! I could hear her enjoyment and feel her excitement as we were grinding together, and she could sense my approval in the form of my hard-on pressing against her. We took off our underwear and I climbed between her legs to push my tip inside her entry where he had already been, but without panties to stop me.

But then, she says there's still more to tell. Huh?


So there she was, hovering inches above his hard-on deciding how to finish the night up on her terms. She figures he's worthy of a treat.

She reaches down and pulls fabric of her panties aside and flashes her p****! Again, WTF!

She didn't explain his reaction but I can imagine. From thinking that he was going to get laid to her stopping him ready to leave, and then an eyeful of her lips! A fricken great surprise for him to end the night on at least 8)

But then, my wife, lowered herself down and slid his c*** into her p****.


I just froze with shock, my mouth gaping. Can I believe it or is she just telling me this to turn me on? We had dirty talked about it, but I don't stop to consider because I'm at her entry and my natural response from her saying she had actually really f***** someone else, was to thrust.

It's this exact point that I realized it was completely true. I slid inside her easily but not just because she was wet, but because she was already full of c**. She whispers to me that she kept it in so I'd definitely know. As soon as I realized it was true it just made me harder and I could feel their slippery juices and smell the c** as I started to slam into her. She had already been kissed, groped, squeezed, rubbed and thrusted against by his choice, and by her choice she had now been f***** too.


She started to ride him right there on the couch and the rest of the night went as fast as it started. They got naked and she laid on the bed with her legs spread. He pushed his d*** into her again and they had s** missionary style. It was quick, they didn't stop to question if he could finish in her and just kept going until he made his final thrusts.

At the start of the night she wasn't even sure if she would be flirted with, but there she was, lying butt naked on her back in a hotel bed with someone she barely knew between her spread legs having unprotected s** with her and his c*** twitching while his c** shot inside my wife's v*****.

She stuck around to sort out a new hotel for him, then left with her p**** full of c** to head home to hubby. And now it was me in that position! I slammed her hard and fast and man did it get messy with her juices and his c** smearing everywhere. She didn't c** with either of us unfortunately, as I didn't last more than a few minutes. However I didn't stop after c****** as I was still too turned-on thinking how I was f****** her freshly used p**** which had now taken in two loads of c** in less than an hour. I just kept pumping her in the heat of the moment. The intensity was off the charts and took a fair bit of cleaning up with before we could go to sleep. We woke up the next morning and she still smelt like c**.

BTW, she did end up finding a new hotel for him that was around our area which was good as they met up every couple of weeks. Dinner out and back to the hotel for s**. They f***** every single time and I was surprised with how often she let him go raw and c** inside her, so she always ending up with two loads inside her by the end of the night. It only lasted a few months though, as he had the whole wrong idea about the relationship and started talking about something more serious, so the time for this f*** buddy was up.

So my confession is: Turns out I love my wife being f***** by other men...

Apr 3, 2021

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