I hate all religions other than mine

I will only say this:
"There Shall Be No Idols"
I HATE all religions that idolize images.
Be them the cat, the crists, the mus (I hate them most of all than all).
They are religions for weak minded people, who have no clue as to what spirituality is.
They are full of hatred and commit attorcities towards others.
I wish the mus would blow up the bat-can so everyone will finally realize that the mus are not anti -jews, they are anti EVERYONE, and that there is no way to reach peace with them

May 16, 2011

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  • Your spelling is for the weak-minded -_-

  • i've got news for you, bro: EVERY religion is "for weak-minded people."

  • I totally agree with you, those religions are of weak minded people who are very happy to kill in order to "convert" others to their "weak" religion.

    Maybe one day when the muslims show their real intention to the rest of the earth - every one will see that protecting them was wrong.

  • so, if a religion idolized sounds, that would be OK? Or smells? If I was part of a religion that idolized the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies....Mmmmm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, I can almost smell them now, oh I want me some cookies now. It would be Heavenly to have some hot gooey fresh from the oven cookies cooling on a cooling rack right now....

    What were we talking about?

  • I hate everything blah blah blah. Shut the f*** up. I'm not religious at all, but this is still some stupid bullshit

  • umm you do realize satanism uses idles even though they worship the self and intelligence right? i guess not

    oh yeah and buddhism even though they have buddha they just focus on being at peace and connect with everything

    you generalize too much

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