Roe v wade

I want to find a girl who's enthusiastically anti abortion and get her pregnant and see if she is so excited.

Jun 25

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  • Nice Try Troll.

  • Don't answer this guy he is a troll f** with aides

  • So, you want to get married. Girls who are enthusiastically anti abortion have daddies, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, entire CLANS who are enthusiastically pro gun! So, you ARE gonna marry that girl and be REAL nice to her, or daddy's gun collection gonna say hello while you're dragged from the back of his pickup truck.

  • You're a sick SOB. You think it would be fun to see if she would kill the human being inside her

  • This is a good idea.

  • Forced birth is so f****** hilarious.

  • I've listened to a few "relaxing" recitations of the Quran on Youtube. It sounds even worse than Chinese opera. Like a dying cat trying to pass a kidney stone.

  • The law does not stop abortions. all it says that since there is nothing in the constitution about it , it then falls under artical 10 which means it goes back to the states and voters to decide. if the voters in the state vote on having abortions it is going to happen.

  • She’d never have s** with you, cuckfag

  • Lol

  • You're a c***.

  • I've done it twice. Abortion is murder

  • You killer.

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