il never be so stupid again

i was looking at p*** (as you do at the age of 18) and i got my family computer infected, god i felt like such an a******! it was really heavily infected and i thought it was beyond repair, i thought the virus was originally from our anti virus expiring or sumthing so i bought a new anti virus and it still ddnt work, couldnt even start it up on safe mode, control panel wouldnt work and i was like "F***" i then phoned customer support and asked them wat to do, they told me to get my pc cleaned.

i then took it to a guy that does repairs and he ran sum kind of check thingy to see wat was wrong and told me it would cost alot of money to repair, which i ddnt have arfter buying that f****** anti virus...

in the end i took it to this guy a know who's handy with computers and he fixes it for free...

god that was an ordeal!

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  • customer service with your anti-virus/firewall program should of been able to help you. Ours did a few months ago and saved my bacon. No comment on the file which carried the virus.

  • looool ty for the info.....

  • Educate yourself on it. There are many websites to help you with this. Get armed and fortify your computer. AVG, Spybot S&D, Spyware Blaster, AdAware, Registry Mechanic, Comodo Anti Malware, Avast Antivirus (try not to run two virus monitors at once. just used up resources.) There are a ton of programs out there for this. Start at as everything there is safe.

    Don't rely on just one like AVG (although its the most popular and does a damn good job). Don't put your eggs in one basket.

    These all dont have to be running at the same time. Keep a firewall up (which is a standard feature on all OS's now.) and keep to the reputable p*** sites. Or even keep away from them and use good sites like youporn or redtube which are free. Or go lowtech and just put in s** related words in Google Images with the adult protection off.

    Happy fapping!

  • lol ty 4 comments guys keep em coming....

  • LOL I did that to my family computer also. So now, I am totally afraid of internet p***.

  • You gais suq at looking at pr0n. lolnubs

  • why do p*** and computer viruses go hand in hand?

  • I can relate. The same thing happened to me when I decided to look at p***...I was so damn stupid...

  • why the f*** would we care?

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