Paid To seduce Wife

I used to talk dirty to my wife during s** and she loved it. I usually would tell her how I would get a young stud to seduce her and watch. She would go wild with the stories like that. She would tease me by saying "All talk and no action", or "Promises, promises". Well I was sitting in the mall one day reading things on my cell phone when a young black stud sat by me. We got to talking. I ask him point blank if he ever had s** with a white wife. He replied that he had not but would sure like to. I told him that I would invite him to dinner and we would have some wine and if he could seduce my wife I would give him $200. He smiled and said he would do it. I invited him and told my wife he was the so of an old army buddy and wanted to visit with him some. We have a few glasses of wine and my wife was feeling pretty good. She gets really flirty with wine. I told her I was not feeling well and went to bed. I could hear them talking and I detected they were flirting and peeked into the living room and they were kissing and he had his hand up her skirt. they soon moved into the spare bedroom and I listened as he pounded her and she was moaning and calling him her black stud. He was calling her his white b****. They soon climaxed and I detected they were soon sleeping. I went back to bed. the next morning I gave him his $200. He smiled and asked if he could come back. I said yes but no more money.

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  • When he asked if he could come back, I would have said, “No.” Too dangerous.

  • My fantasy also. Ive just got to persuade the wife without her losing respect for me.

  • When I was younger I was a bull for this couple who were 15 years older than me. She actually approached me first and came on to me. I was only 21 at the time and had never screwed around with a married woman, so I pulled away. She told me it was ok and that her husband encouraged her to do it. I didn't believe her, not until her husband told me it was ok. I f***** his wife on and off again for over a year. No idea how many times we f*****, but it was a lot. To be honest, I don't think I ever really got used to her husband sitting there watching while I f***** his wife. They slowed down and calling me, then they just stopped. Haven't heard from them in 7 years now.

  • I've had s** with quite a few married women, but one of my fantasies is having s** with one while the husband watches us...

  • I watch my wife when shes with other men.

  • Where you find these married women at mostly? Online? At work? In stores? What age ranges are they typically? Any "newly weds"?

  • Wish my husband would do that for me, hummmmmm

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