Stripper wife

My husband is in the Navy on a sub and is gone foe 6 to 8 months at a time. I have an MBA am on a professional job, but three years ago I went on vacation with three friends. We got very drunk amd we all tried out an amateur stripper night. For the others it was a drunk slutty one time thing. I loved it. I love being nude on stage and dancing. So I decided to strip full time in another city

I give lap dances and VIP shows. There is a no hands policy, but there a few guys that I let touch me. The bouncers know that they pay extra and that I agree. Not f*** me. Kiss me, kiss my nipples, finger me, play with my butt. One guy rims me while I m*********. One regular does invite me to his house rwice a week.. He watches me self fist. I am into a*** play and performing.

I watch his schedule closely since I have an apartment I keep in another city close to my work. I switched accounting firms so am working from. Home full time. When he comes home I telework for the accounting job.

He thinks I am an innocent woman.


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  • I'll pay you to see you self fist. LMK if you're interested.

  • I want your coock email me

  • I use to think women where innocent .then I grew up .
    I even had the chance to bang my very conservative wife's sister .
    When she migrated to usa and waited for months for her husband to migrate in
    When women get h**** the f*** .
    Married ,single whatever

  • Maybe it's time to tell your husband? For all you know he's into the idea. Many years ago when I was young I dated a stripper. Ever since, I've gotten really turned on by the idea of other men and women enjoying my partner's body.

    I think the real worry is that your employer at your "day job" might get wind of this and react unfavorably. A lot of women who do anything from escorting to prodomming to to that "fans" site as a side-hustle have gotten in trouble for it.

  • I like your story-keep us posted

  • I got a draft notice during Vietnam, so I joined the Navy instead since already two guys I knew got killed over there. I assumed it was safer way out in the ocean, that turned out to not be true but I survived.
    I sent all my money home to my wife, we had a baby which made me late in the game to be drafted. The money was nowhere near enough to live on back then, so she tried to work in a bakery, minimum wage wasn't enough.
    There was a strip club just North of the city limits, that was G-string and Pasties days.
    She went to work there, first as a cocktail waitress, then one night she filled in dancing. She made so much more money dancing that she went to doing it full time.
    I knew nothing about that, finally I was home on leave and that is when she told me. So I went down and watched her dance, that was pretty hot.
    After I was home full time, she kept on working the 3 hour shifts, making usually $100 plus her wages.
    What the h***, it paid for our house.

  • Sounds like a tough situation, you need to decide if you truly want to be with your husband. Do you really know him, he clearly don’t know you because you only recently figured out who you are yourself. I would come clean before he finds out from someone else. It’s hard being apart from your spouse, humans are intelligent but very sexual creatures. More than likely, he’s having fun too, so if you want to save the marriage, give it a go before it’s to late.

  • Someone that drunk would not remember so much detail. Moreover, anyone who was truly plastered would write better than you so.

  • I met my current wife in a strip club. She gave me a lap dance so I saw her naked before I even knew her name. I liked her so much I went back every night for a week, got lap dances 4 times, she wasn't there the last night.
    The bartender was a bud, so I asked her name, he told me, and he gave me her phone number even. Like I said, a bud.
    I called her and she knew who I was when I described myself, got a date.
    Now it might seem strange but I enjoyed watching her show everything to other guys, I sit there knowing I have been in there and they can't.

    Just for six months after we married, she went back to work, since times were tough and I was laid off. She often made $500 a shift.

    Sometimes at parties if the people there are right she will do strip teases, right down to spreading it right open.

    I also asked her if she every screwed any of her customers, she said she did, just one. I asked who, she grinned and said.. 'YOU!"

  • She lied of course .

  • Let me see what you working with baby.

  • FUCKyou Jerryboob

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