The Smoking Holiday

We smoked, and explained to our GD that she was the type of little girl that felt a little bit fragile and insecure, but that, she would all of a sudden feel so much more confident and calm, if she were to start smoking. Even though I don't really think that Indie had ever thought kids could smoke, we reassured her that she was safe with us, and that, we wanted to spend the rest of the week on holiday helping her to get used to smoking. Just to reassure her, we showed Indie lots of pictures of little girls and boys smoking, so that she could understand that she was not alone. I also read her out some stories from people's posts about letting their kids smoke, and as she listened, she began to relax.

After tea on our first day, I went and got the present I had for Indie, which we had wrapped. I think she knew what it was, but when she unwrapped the gift, her little face smiled as she revealed a packet of 25 full strength menthol cigarettes, a lighter, and a cute wee pink ashtray. We told Indie that we were so proud of her for having puffs of our smokes, but that now was the gight time for her to begin smoking properly and that she should open the packet, let me light her up, and enjoy smoking a whole cigarette all to herself. Oh my goodness, once her cigarette was burning between her fingers, slightly awkwardly she began to take drags, and she looked completely adorable as he blew out her smoke. Even though she got a little bit dizzy, I told her that I could see clearly how nice her cigarette was feeling for her. Before she went to bed, we encouraged Indie to smoke another cigarette, and, as she did, her technique began to improve. We show Indie how to flick her ash, and stub out her smoke.

The next morning, as Indie cam out into the lounge, I told Indie that I was so thrilled with her yesterday, and that I really knew that if she kept smoking, she would be so much more happy, and that, even though she was just a child, Gran and I wanted her to start smoking properly, and get addicted like us. I told her that, now she was inhaling properly, all she had to do was keep smoking with us as often as she liked, and, after a while, she will soon develop a need to smoke. I explained very lovingly, that her gran and I knew that becoming addicted to smoking was the very best thing she could do, and that,, when this happened, even though she would be like us and have no choice but to smoke, there was nothing to be afraid of, and that she would soon realise that she had made the best decision of her life to become a smoker.

During the rest of our holiday, we encouraged Indie to smoke as often as she could, and by day 4, I knew she was already addicted, and by the time we were due to go home, Indie was on to her third packet of 25s. My wife and I were so thrilled, we had done it, our beloved GD was now a smoker. We told Indie she should feel very proud of herself, and that, even though there was no way she would be able to stop now, we would always make sure she had cigarettes of her own, and talk to her mom so that she could smoke with her.

Since this holiday, I have seen Indie completely surrender to her need to smoke, and, when she is with us, we encourage her to smoke from the moment she wakes up, during the day as she is playing, and as often as she can. We told Indie that a good amount for her to smoke is 25 a day, which she is now easily doing. I told Indie that she looks so beautiful smoking and how much more settled and relaxed she is.

Last weekend, Indie told us she is so glad we helped her start, that her smokes make her feel so nice. On Saturday, my wife's best girlfriend Angela came over, and as we sat down with our coffees, we told her that, even though she might be a little surprised, we had helped our GD to start smoking, and, as all the adults lit up, I winked at Indie, and she followed suit. Angela's eyes nearly popped out of her head, but she could quickly see that Indie knew what she was doing...I asked Indie how it felt smoking with us, even though she was just a kid, and she said it makes her feel special and grown up...Indie also now always smokes in the car with us, in front of other kids and parents at the playground, while playing with her dolls, and, as my wife, after Indie has had a shower, sets our little GDs hair in rollers...the sight of her in her hair rollers and smoking is so cute...

This is a true story and I don't want to hear rubbish put downs from do-gooders, I want to share this with other wonderful adults who let there kids smoke...

Next Confession

A Smoking Holiday for Granddaughter Indie

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  • Idiot thinking smoking is bad, honestly. It's cute. I like it. I think you've done a great thing getting her addicted like that.
    May you all live a great life with your smoking.
    I understand that Indie is a little young but have you thought about **? Maybe when she's 10 she could try it?

  • Are you seriously brain damaged? Getting a child hooked on a dangerous substance is certainly not an act of love! May you go to ** and burn in it, if Indie gets tobacco related health problems she can blame her family for that.

  • How old is Indie? Our three kids all got started early too, the youngest at age 5, the other two at 8 and 10. The 10 year old started on her own, and the other 2 had to do what she was doing, so they pretty much all started together. They've all been smoking nearly 7 years now.

  • What brand do they all smoke ppd

  • You are wonderful - and by letting your kids smoke so young, you have displayed an act of love, not harm. Indie is now just six, and after just five months, now smoking a packet of Winfield Menthol 25s every day. She knows she is addicted, and understands why she enjoys smoking so very much. Just as I do myself, Imy GD loves the sight of herself with a burning smoke between her fingers and, in the mirror, as she blows out a billowing cloud from between her lip[s. As a grandmother, I feel proud of my beautiful girl, who is in all other ways a lovely child who also just happens to be a happily hooked cigarette addict, just like her Gran. Our family is closer through our smoking and I believe we know a love that is sensual and deep. I would not have it any other way, and the sight of my GD lighting herself up fills me with joy.

  • You're sick, go to **

  • You are a diseased rat that needs to be stomped on!

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