Wrestled and humiliated in front of wives

This past weekend my wife and I got together with her friend from work. We watched ufc and then the women were saying they wanted to see me and Ryan wrestle. We wrestled in shorts with out shirts and socks off. Although we are similar build and height I got dominated and caught in some sort of arm choke. I was almost out when he got off me and repositioned to a wwe style pin where he hooked my leg in the air. He asked my wife to count to 3 which she did...slowly even saying two and a half. I was defeated and embarrassed. I lay on my back and Ryan put his foot on my chest in a sort of victory pose. When I moved my head to see the look on my wife's face he planted his smelly foot on my face and I completely submitted. For some reason this humiliation was erotic. The wives were making comments about how dominating Ryan was. When they left my wife told me how turned on the wrestling made her and how dominant Ryan was. She asked why I let Him put his foot on my face and I just told her I couldn't stop him and was defeated and submitted. She loved the image of Ryan posing over me and looking at him flexing at the same time as seeing the my motionless soles.

Apr 18, 2021

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  • F*** dude, if that happened to me I’d leave my wife and then join a mixed martial arts club and train so hard no other c*** could ever take me down again, I’d also turn into a huge p**** that f***** c**** up before they had a chance to f*** me up. I’d then seek out the dude that wrecked your life and beat him senseless

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