Wrestling turn on

I recently wrestled my wife's friends husband at the request of my wife and her friend. I knew her friend liked men wrestling as they have watched ufc with us before and she would suggest we wrestle. I told her I would wrestle if the ladies did afterwords. Anyway me and the friends hubby are both fit and evenly matched. We wrestled in the backyard in shorts, no shirt and barefoot. The weird thing is when we faced off in front of the wives I could feel the wives were really into it and were possibly starting to get turned on. We wrestled for only a couple minutes before he got the upper hand and choked me out. I came to right away and this guy had me pinned with my leg hooked like in wwe. I heard his wife count to 3. I lay flat on my back defeated while her hubby victory posed with his foot on my chest. I was paralyzed with humiliation. Then when I thought it couldn't get worse he put his foot right on my face. I didn't fight it and the smell of his foot was intoxicating like the smell of defeat. I could hear my wife say and her friend as they were shocked at how hot this was and how dominant her hubby was. After he stepped off me I got up and tried to play it off like losing a game of hoops or something. My wife told me later that night how erotic it was to see this guy victory posing on me as I submitted to the stronger man. She said the image of him with on top of me laying defeated turned her on and seeing me lay barefoot under him was hot.

May 3, 2021

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  • I had a very similar experience with my girlfriend and her friend and her friends partner. I lost and the whole experience was incredibly erotic for all 4 of us. Very powerful and erotic the act of a dominant man exerting his authority over a weaker man.

  • That is such a turn-on; I'd have had trouble resisting putting my tongue out in salute to the dominant male.

  • I have WiFi

  • Did being dominated by another man infront of your wife turn you on or did you like his foot on your face?

  • Hi, I posted this. Initially it did not turn me on but it's been something I've been thinking about a lot lately and I don't like to admit but I get hard when reliving the experience. When he victory posed on me and I looked up I felt truly defeated and dominated and the mental image of his wide powerful sole as it smothered my face and the smell of it as I breathed I can't stop thinking about. The fact this was infront of my wife and his wife multiplies the humiliation. If I ever get a rematch im not sure I would want a different outcome. I also look forward to our wives wrestling and fantasize about my wife being dominated and having to her friends barefoot on her face. This experience has opened a combination of wrestling and foot fetish for me

  • As a woman, can confirm if I saw this I would be aroused. The pinning and victory posing wow....thanks for posting

  • If you shoot him a couple of times first, he will be easier to beat.

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