Nasty Bachelorette Party!

My bachelorette party was EXTREMELY nasty. We had it at a hotel suite with about 20 girls there and three GORGEOUS strippers. Needless to say, things got really bad. What's even worse is that it was the night before my wedding. Don't ever do that.

Anyway, these strippers were gorgeous, hard-bodied, and HUNG like donkeys (much bigger than my fiancee). After a few hours of dancing, fondling, and bumping, I wound up nude on all fours on the floor with one stripper in front of me, burying his massive meat down my throat, and another stripper kneeling behind me, F****** the living S*** out of me with his monstorous tool. They took turns and did this for about an hour. And yes, some other girls were still at the party watching. I swear it was the best s** of my life. I never knew I could come so hard, so many times, or that my p**** and a****** could take so much meat.

It gets worse. The three of us laid down to go to sleep at about 4AM. When we got up a few hours later it started all over again (NO condoms, although there probably aren't ones big enough to fit these horse-hung wonders). Well, at about 10AM, I'm riding the s*** out of one stripper while the other one is f****** my a******. I then realize, "Oh my God, I have to be walking down the aisle in an hour." I rush to the church to get ready and my mom is p***** as h***. After I get my dress on and am all ready, you'll never believe what happens. ONE OF THE STRIPPERS SHOWS UP. He comes in and I'm terrified. He then says, "I just wanted one more piece before you get married." He bends me over a table, lifts up my wedding dress, and proceeds to ram his ENORMOUS s****** into my p**** again. After he comes buckets into me, he runs out. I'm still half in a daze and looking for my underwear (which I never found). I get myself together and meet my dad at the rear of the church (bear in mind my fiancee knows NOTHING of this; he thinks we girls just went out for a couple of drinks). As I'm walking down the aisle, my p**** is as sore and stretched out as h*** and I feel come dripping down my leg into my shoes. I couldn't have s** with my fiancee for the first five days of our honeymoon because I was so stretched out.

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  • Why are you guys commenting like this is real? This is clearly a fake story, prolly by some fat old desperate f*** who jerked it whole writing this. There's literally no substance or even the slightest feeling of truth to this bullshit. Giaratee you 100000% this s**** made up and prolly by a dude. People will do anything for attention, lemme tell ya.. Especially a weirdo Greek (probably pedophile). Get yoyr c**** outta your hands boys.. You're whacking it to a totally lame and unbelievable story and more than likely another DUDE! Read this garbage again and tell me it don't sound like someone with a p*** poor excuse for a fantasy!? Probably was thinking this s*** up at his moms weeding or some bullshit lmao what a f****** lame

  • Hoe ass b**** smfh

  • That's a perfect wife I would let her do that before I get married but I would do the same i would f*** 2 female strippers then on our honeymoon while where f****** we can say all the nasty stuff we did 😍😍

  • F*** is good

  • Well, that's all women are good for anyhow

  • You're just a bad person. Nuff said.

  • You had the gall to get married in a church? I do find the story hard to believe, but if true there are numerous grounds for annulment. And when your spouse, or anyone else finds out, and they will, that's exactly what's going to happen.

  • I now this story was posted along time ago but how has this affected your marriage? Are you faithful to your husband or do you cheat on him?

  • My thoughts EXACTLY..I posted my comment before reading this but mines the one on top. Cleeeearly a fake wanna be s** novel!

  • Hahaha fake.... the ending was unnecessary and only sounded like how a fantasy is written. If you legitimately believed this, I'm sorry, but you're probably autistic.

  • Probably some 45 year old loser living in mommys basement with j*** all over everything in sight

  • Just saying you're a f****** cheating s*** if you were serious about your man you wouldn't do that if I knew you did that I'd go Chris brown Rihanna on you and then go stick up 3 d***** the strippers ass

  • A dude wrote this

  • If this is real than kill yourself

  • I'm with the guy who isn't convinced this is real. Not sayin' it isn't, but that I'm not convinced. Still, I agree 100% with the poster who said that this became a thing of real beauty and that there should be more beauty in the world.

  • So I'm guessing you wont let your husband do even half of the nasty s*** you let some strangers do to you before you got married. Did you even have the decency at least feel like somewhat of a wretched s**** while your soon to be was looking at you with love and admiration in his eyes while youve got s**** running down your leg. Disgusting pig of a woman.

  • For real tho

  • OK d*** hard...I just opened up black diamond Ds ...hmu I do parties as well as private events.. N yes I'd have done the same we love it show up get paid f*** the living shyt out of a Lil white princess sometimes we meet dads say hi to bro then go f*** mom love my job this 9inches has got me a mile lol

  • Your probably one of those people marrying your cousin. #justsaying.

  • God, you are sooooooo filthy! I love you!!!!!

  • Yep. I've never met a girl who talked like that

  • Obviously written by a guy, who do you think you're kidding?

  • hot as s***!

  • There's nothing that feels as good as having a man's cream running down the inside of your thighs and filling up your shoes. That's how you really know: you got f***** by a real man!

  • Your a w****.

  • Not fake. This was a nasty party, so nasty that it became a thing of real beauty, and there should be more beauty in the world.

  • Then she wasn't marriage material she obviously doesn't care about her husband .

  • Damn, girl......that s*** really IS nasty! I love it! I wish I'd had those opportunities when I got married. Although I guess if I'd had those opportunities, I might of just skipped the wedding!!! YOU GO!!!!!

  • So, now that you're married, are you still f****** other guys (I hope)?

  • JEEZUS. You really MUST be an incredible f*** if the stripper chased you down to get another piece of that. OMMFG.

  • Your husband has no idea how lucky he is to be married to a girl like you. You're really just amazing! Much love!!!

  • That isn't love , I hope he finds out and kicks her a-- out .

  • Nice work hun. i cheated before my wedding too. 25 f married. i'd love to share stories, message me on yahoo messenger. jennytime212

  • Mmmm sounds like my wife f****** strange c*** on nights out.

  • Congratulations on being a w****. I'm sure your new husband would be so proud. Good luck on the impending divorce.

  • Sounds like a guy wrote this.

  • this is the most ridiculously fake confession I've ever read why did you even write it you fail miserably

  • Ditto.......TOTALLY ditto....

  • Yeah give me a break. Totally fake story, written by a man. You can spit the BS a mile away, especially when they start getting into every little detail impossible to remember.

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