I Just Don't Get This

I love confession sites, including this one, but I can't comprehend the fact that there are plenty of people on here that fantasize about having sexual contact with family members. It is beyond my comprehension how someone would ever have those desires and fantasies.

I tend to steer away from the incest/molestation s*** because it hits too close to home.

21 days

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  • Well you haven’t seen my stepbrother obviously SO HOT

  • Before the anti incest police start trolling. Why do you think it is wrong? Who told you it was wrong? Why did you believe them? If it came from the Bible umm you are literally taking the word of a book that has been revised 100 times over to suit what ever agenda was needed at the time. So in your mind if a 16 year old daughter wanted a relationship with her father and he was not pushing his role as a parent to encourage her, you are saying it’s wrong? Again why? Another question if a 16 year old girl ( legal age of consent in 34 states) wanted to have a relationship with a 43 year old man it’s ok because the law says so? Or wrong because someone told you that it is and you just take them for their word? Being gay was against the law for a very very long time so we’re all of those folks sick as well? Agree 100% about older taking advantage of younger and hurting them but what is your hang up with incest?

  • Yes it is sick thats why I troll it when i see it! You can do the same! Copy my posts and use them I don't care or use your own!

  • That’s because your head is a box that someone filled and you have neither courage or ability to think outside of. I am not being insulting or trying to be rude, your mindset is just so silly it is mind blowing. Why in the world do even care about what consenting people do? Abuse bad and should be dealt with, but besides really because you just know for certain that it is an absolute that it wrong?

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