Don't Ever Drink and Drive

I posted on here a few months ago about how my long-term relationship partner lost his ex girlfriend to someone who hit and killed her with a car when he or she was drunk. 4 years later, he would still talk about her all the time, had pictures of them on his wall, ect.

She was clearly the love of his life, and she was taken form him for a completely preventable reason. I convinced him to go to grief conciliating, and he told me last night that he is breaking up with me because he wasn't interested in a relationship WITH ME anymore, to give him my key to his place back, and to not contact him.

Its painful because I really love him. I understand that after a tragity like that, you need time to heal, but he is scarred. He was an amazing listener, companion, sexual partner, generous, and could provide for me. I truley loved him.

My best friend coincidentally grew up with him, and she said that he used to always have a genuine smile on his face, would always greet you with a hug, gave generously to the homeless, ect.

She said that now, he is uncomparibly more cold. The only time he's affectionate is when we're alone together, adores his mom/the mom of his ex, and maybe with a close friend. He has the chronic blank face with an ominous stair. He pushed over a mentally ill homeless person that called me sexy and spit on him.

I ease dropped on a conversation he had one over the phone, and I could vaugly hear him say that we will never be the same again.

Apr 26, 2021

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  • Very sad I hope he will find the good part in life and join back with the rest of society.
    To bad he needs ti stio gurting other BC he hurts still. The homeless person and what he did us not a good thing at all and he needs to stop picking on others.
    I feel for the homeless person, but I'm empathetic anyway.
    Good luck with your future!!

  • Drunk drivers = pieces of s*** that dont deserve oxygen

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