Crush on my Friends Dad

I've had a crush on my friend's dad ever since I started to have a sexuality. He is just the best. The problem is that he's a married 43 year old with 3 kids and a wife, and I'm 14 going on 15. My family has known ours since I was a baby.

He is tall, muscular, funny, warm, playful, compassionate, smart, everyhting I want in a man. He came to my grandmothers funeral because she would be over at my house all the time and they grew close. I will never forget the warm hug and wrock back and fowarth he gave me when he was looking sharp in a black suit. His muscles in my embrase made me so happy.

When I orgasmed by touching my c*** for the first time, I thought about him.

I love the summer because I get to see him in a bathing suit. I love seeing his bulge and outline of the top of his p**** in his swim trunks. When I know he'll be at the pool or beach with us, I'll wear my favorite Victoria's secret 2 peice so he'll see me in it.

Once I heard him say to his wife that her hair looks "really pretty" in a bun, so its became my signature look around him. Him and his wife clearly have the spark that older couples loose.

I do the Duolingo everyday for German because he lived in Germany for a few years and talks trash in front of us with my friend's German dad. I want to out of no where impress him with what I know. Its super hard though. Even though he grew up in the town we all live in, his German sounds like German people.

I'll lay on my towl with my arms behind my head so he'll see my b****, I always remmeber to shave my arm pits before. Sometimes I'll make sure I adjust it so he'll see my b****. I'll say hi so he'll look over with his warm smile and say hi back. Once I asked him to help me put sun screen on, and he said he would only for my back.

He's great at platonic touch, like patting you on the back and stuff like that. Once he poked me on the shoulder and mooved so I wouldn't see him. Right before the pandemic he went to Africa for 3 months, and when he came back I ran up to him., jumped up, and he cought me.

His humor is funny too. He reads a lot, and when my mom told him that she doesn't read as much as she wishes she should, and he replied, "what are we talking about here?" He also said, "The food in India is great, well in the places there is food."

Obviously my love of him is unhealthy. I'm literally two weeks older than his daughters. He could go to prison for laying a finger on me. He'll smerk because he knows what I'm doing. He has set firm boundries between us. He knows when I'm flirting, and he'll playfully play into it a tiny bit. I asked him if he liked my top once and he said "very sharp".

Apr 27, 2021

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  • Yo what the f*** is happening here

  • I have WiFi

  • Ok so first off the dumb dumb who keeps posting the incest comments is way way off on this one. The dumb dumb who is posting about child harm again way way off as it is the young lady with the crush. The Burger King person probably needs the most help in here. Lol

    To the young lady, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you crushing on your friends dad. He has the attributes that you find important and developing and recognizing them early is healthy. Being sexually attracted to him is not in the least strange either, your hormones are yours don’t be ashamed in the least.

    Take a step back and recognize he has set boundaries because he probably cares for you and wants what’s best for you.

    Wait it out and don’t be overbearing sexually and just enjoy his company. Tempting him might easily ruin your relationship as you stated you are underage and it can lead to trouble.

    Wait a few years and if the attraction is still there when you are 16 then you can make that move, but if he says no then it is what it is.

    So before the bs comments start about the 16 remark understand that it only seems out of the norm because you were taught that and in actuality it is the age of consent in most of the states.

    If you let a 16 year old wheel a ton of steal down the road then it is very probable that they are mature enough to make decisions about their body and love life.

    By the age 30 most woman run the risk of complications of abnormalities and such with conceiving children. Put that in context only 14 years that are more than likely worry free about that aspect. So before you cast judgment about it, roll it around in your cloudy head and realize that in most countries no one would even bat an eye at a 16 year old be sexually active or that she or he prefers a mature partner who is established and can provide for them.

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