What my mom called things when I was little

The first thing I remember her saying was my PP is where my pee came out. That's what I thought it was my PP. Two unrelated letters to me. A morning came when my PP was pointing straight up. I asked my mom why it was that way and she said it was because I needed to go pee so bad. It was a lot harder to point it down to go and it got all over the place for me to clean up. Then one afternoon I woke up from a nap and it was doing it again. I asked my mom about that and she said I must have had a bad dream. Then one day I was looking through a JC Penny catalog and stumbled onto the bra section. As I looked at the different pictures, it happened again. I asked my mom about that and she said that I must be in love. Around a year later I found some old Playboys my dad had, and it did it again, but this time it kind of hurt. Not having a clue why it hurt, or that anything could be done about it except wait until it finely would go down. I couldn't ask my mom about that one because I didn't want her to know what I was looking at that caused it.

Apr 29

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