What my mom called things when I was little

The first thing I remember her saying was my PP is where my pee came out. That's what I thought it was my PP. Two unrelated letters to me. A morning came when my PP was pointing straight up. I asked my mom why it was that way and she said it was because I needed to go pee so bad. It was a lot harder to point it down to go and it got all over the place for me to clean up. Then one afternoon I woke up from a nap and it was doing it again. I asked my mom about that and she said I must have had a bad dream. Then one day I was looking through a JC Penny catalog and stumbled onto the bra section. As I looked at the different pictures, it happened again. I asked my mom about that and she said that I must be in love. Around a year later I found some old Playboys my dad had, and it did it again, but this time it kind of hurt. Not having a clue why it hurt, or that anything could be done about it except wait until it finely would go down. I couldn't ask my mom about that one because I didn't want her to know what I was looking at that caused it.



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  • You are grown ass people stop pretending you know my sister jackie because you don't and do not say this is jackie because if you look at the name it's maryann that is right she has three sisters melissa and maryann so please stop she will not be commenting anymore

  • 2510 linden lane, Pale yellow with green shutters Two many little bushes around the house if you ask me! Now don't lie Jackie!!!

  • This is jackie's sister her house is not that address stop lying

  • Nice try It is her house! She already told us that!

  • You may think this is jackie but's not it's her sister maryann look i just contacted these people who run this website and i told then to delete jackie's account and block her if they don't i will be going to the police this is making jackie upset and making her scared she is has a disabilliaty but then again you don't care so please stop lying about what you are writing

  • The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the LORD when I lay my vengeance upon you. Ezekiel 25:17

  • Hey OP how do you like the replies on your post?

  • I don't like them. Just gibberish.

  • Look at them and remember this is what you get when you try to write pedo posts A$$hole

  • My stepfather and clam chowder. That's what I think of when there's pedo posts. And I *love* clam chowder!

  • Ok listen up my mother is not linda gail kelley she never graduated and so stop your lying

  • But you went to Riverdale, right? I think I was in a class with you. Do you remember Ashley King? He was so foxy! And Ivory Blom was a stuck-up Bee!

  • You need to shut up stop lying tell me your address

  • No she went to Columbia Central aren't you reading the other posts? God, keep up

  • Look a****** my mother did not graduate high school she got married when she was 15 so stop f****** lying first of all you are saying you went to school with my sister then my mom and then me so i think you wanting to argue and say nasty things f*** you and stop being so damn mean

  • 2510 linden lane, Pale yellow with green shutters Two many little bushes around the house if you ask me! Now don't lie Jackie!

  • 615 838 Ask for Jack I will dress as Jackie! 1479

  • Linda Kelley mother

  • Linda Gail Kelly from Lawrenceburg, Middle Tennessee State College Class of '64? Tell her I said Hi!!

  • This is bullshit my mother did not go to college in 64 she was only 11 years old she was not from tennessee at the time i want you to stop jonathan smith you are nothing but a damn liar and a stalker

  • No Kelley with an E idiot

  • No dummy Linda Carol Hammack how many times do I have to tell you

  • Her name is not linda carol kelley stfu

  • That is not my house i told you stop f****** lying what is your damn address

  • Y'all live over by the Academy? Me too! I attend Holy Cross on Carson

  • What are you retarded? Episcopalians! F*** that. The Hammacks are BAPTISTS. Holy Cross on Carson my ass.

  • They never heard of you f****** liar

  • I emailed them they never heard of you so you better stop f****** lying my mother is not linda hammack so f*** off

  • Look a****** i never went to church so stop ok give me your real name and your address or i will report your ass to the cops

  • I work in a mortuary which makes me untouchable. We are super powerful, like freemasons. When I get Cathey Marie Adcox Hammack on the slab at the mortuary someday, it's going to be a gooooood time, mmmm.

  • I was just talking to Cadie and Cecilia and Augie and they're going to come by the mortuary to have a seance. We are going to contact the spirit of Carie Lynne and she is going to rule over us forever! To do this we need the corpses of children! You shall join us JJ, we need you in our unholy legion to appease Satan to raise the dead. I have been planning this since I worked at the Williams Funeral Home in Mt Pleasant back in 2000. We will first go to the Polk Memorial Gardens in Columbia to disinter her body. Then we will perform the sacred rituals at the mortuary, where I have collected many children who have passed on. It will be glorious! Join us Jacklyn!!!

  • You did not call my nieces and brother in law they would have never have a seance you are just sick you did not work at the williams funeral home and she is not buried in polk memorial i think you stalking jackie and you need to stop now she is going to ignore you hope you get tired of it and stalk someone else because boy i know you don't live in murfreesboro you are a sick f*** who thinks you are funny you are not you can't seem to make your mind about where you went to school where you lived and who you know so f*** off

  • You have not stop f****** lying and you leave my dead sister out of this jackie has a disabillity of a child you are scaring her stop now

  • Jackie what you writing about sick pedo?

  • This not me saying these things damn this man jonathan smith is a lying piece of s***

  • One Time I was having Lunch at Burger King and then in comes a group of Midgets carrying their King who was wearing nothing but a Robe and the Burger King Crown, holding a Scepter and his Throne was a Toilet.

    The King was also barefoot and he had what looked like his underwear around his ankles and oh my god the moment this a****** came in I couldn't tell what smelled worse his feet or the s*** he was taking in the restaurant as I can see everyone in the restaurant either laughing or groaning in disgust seeing a grown man sitting on the toilet in a restaurant wearing only a Crown, Robe, and his Underwear.

    Then King Feet got off his Porcelain Throne without wiping his own ass and pulled up his underwear; dear God help us if anyone saw his P****. He then stuck his barefoot in the toilet and everyone in the restaurant was showing disgust as Burger King employees began yelling at King Feet and his Court Jesters to get the H*** out of Burger King as they were violating Health Violations.

    Then King Feet took his foot out of the Toilet and began to Smell His s*** covered F****** Feet in the middle of the damn restaurant as other diners were really getting sickened.

    Then the Midgets carried King Feet over to my Table and then King Feet snatched my Whopper, put his foot in my whopper and started sucking his toes on my whopper.

    I was so mad I hit King Feet with my Drink and took his scepter and whacked him and caused him too fall off his toilet throne smashing it to the ground leaving turds and broken toilet shards on the floor of Burger King as Burger King staff came to drag this half naked King out of Burger King.

    My day was officially Ruined but Ding D*** the Burger King is Dead!

  • Same simpleton form Naughty Posts. I beat the King's head in with his scepter and the King is DEAD.

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