M new next door neighbor

My new next door neighbor is quite the looker, but I always have to be careful my wife doesn't notice when I look. I came to realize that she looks quite a bit like my mother. One Saturday she was laying out back tanning in a bikini and her body looked like my mom's when she had been tanning. As I watched her I noticed I was becoming very aroused and needing relief. I heard my wife in the basement doing laundry, so down there I went. My wife's back was to me as I noticed she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, her blonde hair in a pony tail hanging down her back. I had so much need at the moment I rushed up behind her pulling down her shorts. I was happy to see there wasn't anything under them. My wife giggled knowing I was about to do her from behind, the position she liked best. As I got going I pulled up her t-shirt to find what I expected, she had nothing below it either. I reached around and took her orbs in my hands squeezing them tightly as I picked up speed. Then it happened. Suddenly I wasn't going at it with my wife, I was going at it with our neighbor. I couldn't get my mind off her, then since they both looks so much alike, I began thinking I was not doing my neighbor, but my mother. I tried to think of something else but my wife was bucking back at me in rhythm indicating it was just how she wanted it. For the next ten minutes, I was behind my mom, after just a short time I noticed how turned on I was getting thinking about her. My wife's fairly quiet, but I remembered how my mom sounded when I'd hear my dad giving it to her at home. That's what I was hearing now, completing the scene in my head. It wasn't until I exploded like I never have before and more intense than ever before, that I finally came back to reality. I just know this is going to happen more and I'm kinda looking forward to it.

Apr 29, 2021

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