Little Sisters Best Friend

I am 28. My little sister (half sister, my mom remarried and they had her) is 13. Her best friend is either her age or a year younger (12 or 13). You would never know it by looking at her. She looks at least 17-18. Long brown hair, gorgeous a** and the BIGGEST T1TS I have ever seen on a girl.

I have been staying with my mom and step dad to save some money for my own place. So we just opened up our pool last week for the summer season. I came home from work one day and my sister and her friend are sun tanning on the deck. I walk out back and see her friend. She has on undoubtedly the SMALLEST bikini I have ever seen. Like there is NO WAY IN H3LL her parents bought her that and would ever let her wear it. It was straight out of the “h00ker catelog”. She sees me walk up and immediately flips on to her back with her t1ts just out there for me to see!!!! LIKE BAM, there they are!!!!!! Asking me if I am going to go swimming. I had planned on it but now I’m thinking “I am going to have the BIGGEST HARD0N looking at her and there is no way I will be able to hide it. I said “maybe” and went inside.

So I decided to go swimming. My sister comes in to use the phone as I am walking outside. Her friend is laying there. So I jump in the po immediately figuring if I am in the water, she won’t be able to see how HARD I am. She gets right up and walks into the water. She swims up to me splashing and playing and all I can think is “stay cool, don’t let her get too close”. Then she is asking for a piggy back ride. Jumps on me. I can feel her t1ts right up against my back and her legs around my waist. Now I’m getting hard!!!! Next thing I know she flips us both over underwater. While she is still underwater, she grabs my C***!!!! Not accidentally either. She comes up saying “wow, you have a really nice package in those shorts. Can I see??” Before I can say anything, she is pulling at my shorts to pull them down. Unfortunately I do not have a draw string on them and down they went. She is grabbing at me. I am trying to pull away but she is all over me. Grabbing my c*** and saying “don’t worry I know exactly what I am doing. I may be young but I have had s3x a lot before. I want you to f uck me!!!!! Now I am hard as a rock. Ready to shoot a load just from her grabbing at me.

Next thing I know, my sister comes back outside and says our parents will be home soon.

I SO want to F UCK this girl SO BAD!!!!!! But I don’t know if it is a good idea!!!!!!

Any thoughts?????


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  • I stood up, flipped her around and grabbed her hips while I slid my c*** right in her p****. No condom or anything. And she didn’t hesitate to let me. My c*** slid in and out of her so easy. No doubt she was not a virgin before me. She had been f***** plenty before me. I f***** her so hard from behind, grabbing her hips, spanking her ass, grabbing her hair and pulling her so she arched her back perfectly for my c*** to hit her g spot. She moaned and screamed. It was so F****** HOT!!!! The whole time I am f****** her doggy, I’m playing with her ass. Just a little bit of pressure. Thinking how amazing her ass would feel filled with my c***. About 15 minutes of f****** her this way and she flips around and stands up. Tells me to lay down on the floor. Straddles me reverse cowgirl and just goes to town. G*******, she looked amazing bouncing up and down on my c***. Grunting and moaning with every downward thrust. After a while she turns around and rides me face to face. Her t*** were amazing. Barely moving as she once again bounced up and down on my c***.
    After a good 45 minutes or so, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I was so ready to c**. I told her and she gets off me, mouth right down to my c*** and starts sucking like she’s giving my c*** CPR. I came in seconds. Harder then I ever have before. She swallowed it all!!!!! She got up, went in the bathroom and cleaned herself up and got dressed. She told me she came more then she has ever c**. At least 10-15 times. Gave me a kiss and said “I’ll see you later”

    No doubt I am going to continue to f*** her. The risk of getting caught is SO WORTH IT!!!!!

  • UPDATE....part 1 of 2

    So I went for it over the weekend. My family all went out yesterday for Fathers Day and her friend came over looking for my sister. Said she wasn’t here but she should be back soon. She came right in.
    So we were sitting on the couch just talking a little bit. She is wearing these little shorts and tank top. You can see the outline of her bra through it. I said her “you know you really startled me the other day”. She asked if I liked it and I said “F*** YEAH I DID!!!!”. She reached over and felt my c*** through my shorts and says “you mean like right now?” I leaned in and started feeling up her t*** through her tank top. I start kissing her neck as my hand slides down between her legs. I spread her legs and slide a finger up under her shorts ( NO PANTIES!!!!!).
    All I can think is “holy s*** this girl is only 12 yrs old, what the f*** am I doing??” But I didn’t stop. I stood up and pulled my shorts right off. She got down on her knees and wrapped her mouth right around my shaft. OMG she can suck a c***!!!!!!! She wasn’t kidding when she said she knew exactly what she was doing. Probably one of the best if not the best b****** I have ever gotten!!!! She sucked my c*** for a good solid 8-10 minutes nonstop. Pumping my shaft while she sucked. HOLY F***!!!!!!
    Then she stands up and off come the short and tank top and bra. WOW....F****** BODY!!!!!!!! She lays down on the couch and spreads her legs and looks at me and says “I want your tongue right here” and points at her sweet bald p****. Down I go. She tasted so good. One finger in while I was was licking her c***. Then 2. She is grabbing my hand for me to put 3-4 in. I had 3 going in and out of her for a while at a pretty good pace. She came so hard from that.

  • They f*** real good, the tight little p**** milking your c** up inside her

  • I say go for it especially because she's the one who went for you!

  • How does your sister look? You should f*** her and your sister. She isn’t your full blood sister. No harm no foul. Get them both in bed.

  • My sister isn’t bad. Average I guess I would say. She looks like a typical 13 yr old. Her friend on the other hand....F UCK!!!!!!!!! I’ve see. Plenty of hot girls in the bar that don’t have the body she does!!!! And she is HOT AS F UCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Is your sister's name Hannah?

  • You are all sick and disgusting. This is a young girl we are talking about here. She doesn’t know any better with how she is acting.

    As for you, 28 years old and fantasizing about a girl who is barely a teenager? DISGUSTING!!!! I hope you attempt it and I hope it backfires on you horribly. I hope you get caught and I hope you go to prison for a very long time where no girls will ever have to worry about you ever trying to do anything to them!!!!!


  • F***** my cousin when she was 8 and that was 60 yrs ago and I still want young p****

  • I was with my much younger cousin when she'd pretend to be "asleep" and she let me do anything and everything with her tight, small little body. She's grown up now and we don't really talk about those years, but she sometimes flirts with me in private and talks about s** and p*** when no one else is around, just to see my reaction. She's amazing. I'm not ashamed that we had sexual pleasure together, even though she was that young, and a cousin.

  • OH WAH!!!!!!!!!!

    We’re disgusting perverts but you just happened to be on this site in this section reading this post and commenting on it because you “aren’t” a pervert as well? SURE!!!!!!!!

    Dude, F UCK THAT SL UT!!!!!!!!!! Tear her mouth pu ssy and a ss up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What if it was your little sister, or your daughter that some grown man was fantasizing about? Would you still have that same opinion? I highly doubt it. She is someone’s daughter, maybe sister. And here you are talking about f****** her.

  • You are the one who is disgusting. Making out as if she BELONGS to someone. WTF?! She is a young woman who wants what she wants. It not defined by men or if she is someone's sister or daughter. You disgust me with your idea of people as property. People who belong to other people. I had a brother just like that who would approve/disapprove of who I could date. Well f*** him and f*** you. When I was 12 I knew very well what my body could do and what I wanted it to feel. I wasn't molested, I wasn't raped all I had was an over protective family. So if you are thinking you are protecting some innocent little girl then get the f*** out - I hate you for it.

  • The biggest majority of men at least think about kid s** but 99% deny it

  • I think about it all the time. I am constantly looking at girls a fraction my age thinking about bending them over. Gagging them with my c***. Spreading their legs, finger f****** them in their p**** and ass. Then shoving my c*** deep in them and shooting a hot load all in them.

  • F*** her, if she wants it and it is not forced I see no problem, younger for me too nothing beats young girl p****

  • I say you make sure u cant get caught or in trouble, but get her and just pound her p****. she sounds like a h**** little s*** so she would be down for you to just use her body

  • Risk it. Bang her sweet ass.

  • Ass first then her tight lil c***

  • Believe me, I SO WANT TO DO IT!!!!!! I can only imagine how sweet that young pu ssy tastes!!!!! I am not huge by any means but I guarantee I could stretch her petite little pu ssy quite well!!!!! She makes me so HARD thinking about the possibility!!!

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