Noah and his ark

Noah's family consisted of his wife Naamah, who was also kindred to Noah, and his son's Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Ham had always been a frustrated child. It was thought it was because his father had named him after part of a pig. Shem and Japeth had both seen Ham f****** their family goat back home. Now on the Ark , Ham was caught f****** the female sheep, monkey and horse, among others. Ham also had a fixation on his mother Naamah. He was always trying to catch a glimpse of her hooters, or catch her without any clothes in the washtub once or twice a month. Noah may have had a feeling something was wrong with Ham, but it was never said. Noah knew that repopulating the planet would be an uphill task. If only he had two daughters, and one son instead, he thought. At almost 500 years old, he had trouble getting his pole up and staying that way. If only he was only 200 again he wished. He had no doubt he would need the help of his son's to keep his wife continuously pregnant. She would need to be popping the buns out of her oven A.S.A.P.

There was no steering on the Ark which was a good thing. It was quite the task of feeding all of the animals on the Ark, requiring a family effort for most of the day. Ham saw his mother feeding all of the birds and began undressing her with his eyes. His mother Naamah noticed him just standing there looking at her strangely. Ham imagining tearing off her caftan dress, short sleeve, and seeing his mother neked. Suddenly Ham was behind his mother bending her over a fence. He pulled up her caftan dress revealing her bare ace and very hairy pu-say and thighs. Ham had his already hard rock out and forced it into Naamah's love tunnel. She let out a yelp because she was dry, fortunately Ham wasn't very big. Ham began banging his mother dohgy-style. He would pull back, then thrust forward with all his might. Unknown to either of them, Shem and Japeth were hiding in the next stall watching them though the cracks. Naamah remained quiet knowing that she would be doing a lot of fa-king until she had some daughters. She thought back to Adam and Eve, and the task they had. Ham came rather quickly shooting globs of his seed into her. He became soft and slipped out of his mother's woom and his comes ran down her thighs and legs. Naamah didn't get off, but men typically were only concerned with getting their own rocks off rather than pleasing the woman. This was just the beginning. Shem and Japeth soon would follow their brother's example.

May 7, 2021

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  • How far is this story true. However, I loved it ...

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