Gained a bunch of weight and I like it?

I'm a teenage girl. I've always been kinda fat, being about 195 lbs and 5'5" before everything shut down last year.

Then lockdown started and not being able to go out and do stuff or see my friends in person really stressed me out. I started eating more to feel better. And well, long story short, I gained a bunch of weight. Like, I really ballooned. Now, 15 months later I weigh 290 lbs. My belly is huge and round and even my b**** have gotten a lot bigger.

The weird thing is, I really like it? Like, I'm constantly thinking about getting fatter and I can't stop eating. Am I the only girl that likes this? I feel like such a freak!

May 6

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  • So like, it’s been a month and a half since I posted about my lockdown gains, and I’m pleased to say I’ve now passed 300 lbs.

    I just weighed in at 301 and tbh I feel like it’s only the beginning.

  • There are guys that absolutely adore fat & very fat women. There are also a lot of other women that love being fat & getting fatter, so you aren't alone. Have a look here.

  • Thank you for sharing that. I went and looked at it and now I feel better about this.

  • Fat doesn't bother me. your actions in my bed does. i met the sexiest women who were chubby, full but don't call them fat.

  • As long as you have a pretty face and nice pretty feet and still able to wear stockings or pantyhose for me we are all good!

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