The reason Noah cursed Canaan.

I read the Bible over and over again, the Bible is filled with nothing but mysteries and stories of b***** wars. But there is one story that busted my mind to look for answers.
Why does Noah curse Canaan, I looked at this story in the Bible and the Torah and I find no answer. Than I found out something about the tent of Noah, what if Noah was not alone in his tent, what if his wife was there sleeping with him Naked and drunk and passed out cold. Because why would Noah be drinking by himself, why would a drunkard drink by himself and talk to himself and be naked all by himself.

Than while the both of them are drunk and passed out, Noah is unable to conceive a child with his nameless wife and so the both of them pass out and give up, than for no reason at all, Ham comes into the tent and rapes Noah’s wife in her sleep, the Bible frowns upon rape, the story of rape of Noah’s wife was written out of complete contexts of both the Torah and the Bible. Noah’s wife becomes pregnant with Canaan and Ham is the father of Canaan, the Bible never mentions who the real mother of Canaan was because it was written out in the Greek New Testament and the Talmud's and the Torah. It is a big theory, but Canaan was born from Ham raping Noah’s wife and Noah cursed Canaan because it was his wife that Ham raped in her sleep.

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