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I’m an extreme alpha male, in very sense; position, status, conditioning, etc. The strange thing is that in relationships I’m drawn to women who are dominant in the bedroom. The more dominant they are, the better I like it. I’m not one for labels but this seems counterintuitive to the alpha male definition and I’m confused by it frankly.

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  • Actually it makes perfect sense and it means your normal. It’s the opposite of what you are or have to be outside the comfort of your domain. The one place you shouldn’t have to be in public is your “home”. Your just looking at it wrong. Is it a non alpha move to want to be submissive when it comes to **? Not really because you know what you want and will get it because it’s your alpha side not willing to settle. Understand? How many people are in an unsatisfactory ** life marriage or relationship that you know? Do you see that as an alpha trait? Of course not! It’s your Alpha side that is going ** no I want to be happy. My happy is a dominant women to take the reigns so I can just enjoy! I will take care of everything else.

  • Probably the only time you get a break

  • There is something energising about bending a woman over and giving her 6 of the best with the cane.

  • The fact that you refer to yourself as an 'extreme Alpha male' and have to post here seeking opinions, both indicate that you are in fact not.

  • Confident people are never afraid to get feedback

  • Many a strong Alpha type men are drawn to dominate women. I think it is a way to set aside your life and ket someone else take charge. You can be Alpha to everyone in your life except in that man/woman relationship. Many males involved in submissive ** lifestyles are Alpha Males out of the dungeons. If you read things posted by males who are called cuckold ir husbands if those considered Hotwives, many are Alpha males in every day life. It is more common than you may think.

  • It' actually very common. Beta's go for powerful women.

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