I hate little boys especially my cousin

I hate my little boy ‘cousin’ I don’t like calling him my cousin tbh I would rather have no cousins at all than ever get near him he gr0p€$ my sisters ass so many times mf I just wanna kill that kid right now and smash his head and watch him cry<3 he also called the waiter a tomboy just because they sounded a bit feminine and dress more masculine like sir your misgendering someone here so I slapped his tiny ugly head and watched him cry oh it was amazing seeing him cry with that ugly j*** face of his❤️ This little boy makes my blood boil I don’t ever want to associate with him ever I would rather die than to ever get close with him anyways men disgust and annoy me I hope he gets his tiny piece of s*** d*** cutted it off 👦

May 23, 2021

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  • I can be the slutty b**** and serve his little cousin, i would make him laugh a lot sucking his c*** and being humiliated and mocked by the little alpha boy, if u want that i can give you my email and he can humiliate me on webcam

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