Beaten Up In Front Of Girlfriend

So I'll Try To Make It Short .....

A Day Before Yesterday , Me And My Hot Girlfriend Was In The Park Just Talking And Chilling . Suddenly There Was Another Couple Beside Atleast 30 Metre Away From Us . We Did'nt Talked To Them At All But The Other Guy Looked At Me And Said Me Loser I Was Shocked Like I Really Did'nt Liked It And Said Stfu
First Of All He Was Almost The Same Height Of Me But Was Really Muscular On The Other Not Thin But Not Muscular . His Girlfriend Said B**** To My Girlfriend I Did'nt Tolerated That And Said Them To ** Get Away From Us
My Girlfriend Was Trying To Calm Me Down (She Did'nt Wanted Me To Fight And Get Beat Up ) After Few Seconds He Started To Walk Up To Me We Talked ** For Some Time And Then He Started To Fight And Beat The ** Out Of Me .
He First Gave Me Some Punches To Face They Really Were Strong And I Started To Already Feel Dizzy Then I Also Landed Up Some On Him After 2 Mins Of Punching Faces He Gave Serious Blows To My Belly There I Started To Lose The Fight . At This Point His Girlfriend Was Cheering For Him And Shouting "Beat Him " "Beat Him" And My Girlfriend Was Pleading Him To Stop Hitting Me But He Did'nt Stop He Continued For Some More Time And I Was Really In Pain After 10 Mins I Was Completely Help Less And On The Ground
My Girlfriend Was Crying And I Could Hear It But They Did'nt Stop Now His Girlfriend Came Near Me StARTED To Kick Me In The ** She Gave Me 5 Or 6 Kicks I Was'nt Able To Even Defend Because Of Her's Man's Beating They Left After This , And My Girlfriend Came Near Me Crying And Took Me Home And Nursed Me

Now Today , I Have a Bruise On My Nose , Stomach And My ** Hurt Bad

Next Confession

Can't believe I did this...

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  • Happened to me, long as you're not injured badly it will make you harder. At least they didn't beat your girl or her beat his girl. Start working out and learn to box! Don't be ashamed or embarrassed, make it the beginning of you being a winner! Also if someone is bigger than you and your outgunned, use a weapon. It's him or you.

  • Bro You Have Nice Girl . Respect Her And Move On From This Situation

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