Beaten Up In Front Of Girlfriend

So I'll Try To Make It Short .....

A Day Before Yesterday , Me And My Hot Girlfriend Was In The Park Just Talking And Chilling . Suddenly There Was Another Couple Beside Atleast 30 Metre Away From Us . We Did'nt Talked To Them At All But The Other Guy Looked At Me And Said Me Loser I Was Shocked Like I Really Did'nt Liked It And Said Stfu
First Of All He Was Almost The Same Height Of Me But Was Really Muscular On The Other Not Thin But Not Muscular . His Girlfriend Said B**** To My Girlfriend I Did'nt Tolerated That And Said Them To F****** Get Away From Us
My Girlfriend Was Trying To Calm Me Down (She Did'nt Wanted Me To Fight And Get Beat Up ) After Few Seconds He Started To Walk Up To Me We Talked S*** For Some Time And Then He Started To Fight And Beat The S*** Out Of Me .
He First Gave Me Some Punches To Face They Really Were Strong And I Started To Already Feel Dizzy Then I Also Landed Up Some On Him After 2 Mins Of Punching Faces He Gave Serious Blows To My Belly There I Started To Lose The Fight . At This Point His Girlfriend Was Cheering For Him And Shouting "Beat Him " "Beat Him" And My Girlfriend Was Pleading Him To Stop Hitting Me But He Did'nt Stop He Continued For Some More Time And I Was Really In Pain After 10 Mins I Was Completely Help Less And On The Ground
My Girlfriend Was Crying And I Could Hear It But They Did'nt Stop Now His Girlfriend Came Near Me StARTED To Kick Me In The B**** She Gave Me 5 Or 6 Kicks I Was'nt Able To Even Defend Because Of Her's Man's Beating They Left After This , And My Girlfriend Came Near Me Crying And Took Me Home And Nursed Me

Now Today , I Have a Bruise On My Nose , Stomach And My B**** Hurt Bad

Jun 6

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  • Bro You Have Nice Girl . Respect Her And Move On From This Situation

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