Not my soulmate!

We habe been married for 23 yrs. My wife has lied and went to the police for an order of protection. This is a small town and they all believe her when thete is no proof. I've never raised a hand to any woman. This time she abandoned me and the house and left in the middle of the night. Long story short. She's planned this for a while since she's about to get disability and with only 1 year left to pay on the house. She's used me to work and pay for everything including her kids before me. She's trying to get everything I've ever worked for to not have to work herself. She's keeping my 13 yr old daughter away and coaching her what to say. Bribing her to pick her. Nobody listens to me and I've went to the police numerous times and all they say is " there's nothing we can do. Take it up with the judge."
I'm about to handle this myself because there is nobody helping me and I can't find any place that helps with false accusations. Im at the bottom with nothing left because of her lies. I can prove them but nobody let's me. So why not make things right myself?

Jun 8, 2021

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  • I lost my soulmate for ever but cannot forget her!

  • Your wife is a typical narcissist and you should not have married a nasty witch it is your fault. My father married a narcissist, exposed me to her toxicity, she abused me non stop and he did not have the b**** to leve her. He became a whiny drunk. I have a restraining order against BOTH of them. Your wife is a covert narc. read about it she will not change you better wake up buddy.

  • It's hard to tell if someone's a narcissist right away. It takes time for them to reveal their true selves.

  • Sorry to here this id it's true.
    Assuming it's true the system is made for the females and your in trouble then. You will probably have to pay BC she is lazy.
    To bad and I'm sorry for you.
    I was married also and she had a farm i spent over 3 years making improvements and she was as cold as ice.
    So i still tried to make it work afyer 7 years, it didn't work. I moved from the farm and didn't take a thing of hers. Long story short she lost the farm after my child support ran out.
    All i can say is good luck and there is Karm in the world!!
    Stay well in mind body and Spirit!!!

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