Roofied and sexually assaulted...

This happened to my wife 2 weeks ago. We live outside a small now empty college town. The college went belly up and sold off to "online" learning and a small trade school. Wife is an attractive 50 yr old blonde. She works in the business office of the trade school. She called me one afternoon and said she was going with a coworker to the small bar across the street from her office after work and would be home around 7pm. When 8pm arrived I started to call and text her. No reply. I drove to the bar. The bartender said she got really tipsy, walked out around 6pm and never came back. He reached under the bar and handed me her purse she left on the bar. I walked across the street and her car was still in the employee lot. I drove around town then stopped by the police station. The police said they would keep an eye out but could not take an official report for 24 hours. They told me to call back the next morning if she didn't come home. At 3am my cell rang. It was her, she sounded drunk and stayed on the line until she guided me to where she was. I drove up to an abandoned frat house. Wife was around back. As I walked onto the back porch she was laying on an old couch completely naked. She was conscious and talking but was out of it and very unsteady. She had her phone but her clothes were gone. I got a blanket from the car and took her home. Her face was covered in c** and it was obvious she had been f*****. After she cleaned up a little and cleared her head we talked about going to the police. She could only remember feeling very drunk and trying to walk to her car when someone offered to help her. She said the rest was a blur and she just remembers being cold and moved around a lot. She didn't think the police would believe her. She took a couple of days off work. On the 2nd day I found her sitting at the kitchen table crying. When I asked her she handed me her cell phone. She had found 2 video clips recorded on her phone. The first showed he naked, laying face down on a table with her legs draped over the side. The video showed a guy get in behind her and f*** her, It only showed the guy from the waist down. After he finished another guy took his place, then another and another. 4 guys f***** her and took turns holding the phone. The second video shows her laying face up on the couch passed out. One by one all 4 guys walked over to the couch and jacked off on her face. Again it only showed the guys from the waist down.

Jun 12

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  • It's great that they recorded your wife being f***** by the four of them. My wife was raped before we started dating by about ten guys at a frat party. The first one took her virginity. When we started dating my wife told me about the ten guys f****** her. She asked me if I still wanted to date her and I told that I did. When we f***** the first time I was a virgin. When I proposed to her she again asked me if I wanted a wife that had been f***** by so many men. I told her that I wanted her and it didn't matter if a lot of men f***** her.
    Several years after we got married a friend of mine showed me a video of a woman that was being f***** by a lot of guys at a frat party. He said that she looks like your wife. I knew immediately that it was my wife being f*****. I told him that it was someone else since my wife was a virgin when we started dating. I don't think that he believed me since he looked at my wife differently after that. I downloaded the video and I watch it at least once a month. I get really h**** watching each guy come inside my wife. I sometimes wonder how she didn't get pregnant but I guess it wasn't when she was fertile.

  • See the videos at

  • She has a good story for u she wanted the d*** down to happen

  • Now I know both of your stories are fake! In a collage frame of mind when you wrote this and the other " Can't believe I did that" written and summited 51 minutes apart! The writing styles are identical!

  • This steaming pile of cow dropping think we were born yesterday...go fuckurself idiot

  • She is lucky. Got f***** multiple times by multiple guys in one night. She knows them very well. Why find them ? you mentioned " she was going with a coworker to the small bar" Rare chance. I want to have the same. I am now jealous

  • FUCKoff dude!

  • If that really happened then bring the phone to the police! The police can find out where the videos where taken by the GPS in the phone! The phone pinged off cell towers and would help track down where that happened! More then likely where you found her!
    The second you found her you should have called the police! It is not up to them to believe your wife but to investigate whether a crime was committed. They would have gotten DNA off your wife had her blood drawn for date rape drugs as well as the videos on the phone! The videos would have been helpful describing the place where the rape occurred like the look and type of table, wall colors and floor type! They would find her clothes, DNA and fingerprints in the house!
    If the rapist's was ever caught before, their DNA would be on file! If not it would be in CODIS waiting for them to be caught! Also they could be caught by genealogy DNA from relatives! If they held the phone then their fingerprints could be on the phone as well on her body and clothing!
    You could still go to the police and they can still go to the house and collect evidence!
    And considering that commercial as well as private cameras are everywhere they could look at them starting with the bar and seeing who spiked her drink and where she was taking from and interviewing the coworker and bartender!

    They would have taken this very seriously and not as a joke! They would want to catch them before they strike again! There is no efing way a woman would have taken that and not reported that!
    If it is real then FU there is no way I would let them get away with this if it was my wife! That is why I don't believe your story is real!

  • Before we were married my now wife was raped in a similar fashion. She had gone to a dive bar with three friends . It was getting later in the night and the other women left. Later they said they thought she was getting a long well with a guy there so they went home . It turned out she was drugged ,but didn't leave with the guy they thought she was with. She ended up walking out on her own from the bar but never got to her car. Someone picked her up as best she remembers she thought it was her friends at first but once in the car realized it was just guys she didn't know. She doesn't remember the ride but remembers bits and pieces after getting to a rv trailer. She knows they took turns raping her and forcing her to do oral but cant remember anything about their features . She was dumped off in the bar parking lot afterward. She fell asleep in her car woke as it was getting light and drove herself home . She never reported it to the police. When I asked why she didn't report it she said she was to embarrassed that she let it happen. She was 39 at the time.

  • Now I don't believe you at all! Why would you write this sick s*** if it was not true? Real women are raped and some are even killed everyday and thats not cool at all.

    They left your wife naked on a couch with their DNA all over her face and body with videos on a phone and you do nothing about that.
    You remember the movie Death Wish? I would pull that s*** if it was my wife!

    And now you say that is the second time it's happened! Bull Shitt on that and your story!
    You never mentioned about going to a doctor to check for STI or STD infections of a therapist for PTSD because real rape is heII for a woman! And they aren't going to want s** again for a long time!

    A lot of people come here and degrade women and write messed up fake stuff about them! Those are virgin boys and men that will never get laid!

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