A happy beach day.

I once open the bathroom door so my girl friends could see my boy friend standing naked in the shower. !Wow! was he embarrassed and mad at me for exposing him like that in front of them. I did it as pay back for catching him showing his friends the underwear I used. A week later he had his two best friends over for a BBQ swung me over his shoulder stark naked and carried me outside. i remember his friends telling him "she has a nice p****" I had never felt so humiliated in my whole life.

Jun 19, 2021

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  • My wife is a former wrestler when she was in college, I outweigh her by around 50 pounds and we can get to horsing around, she can be a handful to control.
    We were at a party, one of the women there was getting tipsy and really flirting with everyone, me included.
    My wife was getting more and more p***** off at her, finally told her to knock her s*** off.
    The gal was a bit larger than my wife who is 5'4"and 135, in obvious shape. Words went back and forth, then the other woman called my wife some choice names and it was on.
    It only took about 30 seconds, my wife had the bigger gal topless, she had on a short skirt and panties, so my wife stripped off her panties and forced her legs wide open. There was a dozen people there, everyone got a good look at the woman's hairy s*****.
    Finally my wife let her up, she wasn't harmed, just embarrassed, so she quickly rearranged herself and left.
    She had managed to tear my wife's shirt, it buttoned up the front so her t*** were in the open also.
    My wife also got a b***** nose, which is what started things.

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