Cheating Wife

I have been cheated by my Indian wife and day by day it has turned me on and now i feel like to share her with someone and post her pics online..

What shall i do? any advice

Jun 19, 2021

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  • Talk with her. Tell her you are not angry but you like the sound of it. I swapped with my wife and it was one of the best things we ever did. I'm interested in seeing your pics.
    Go on, share her. You'll love it.

  • Sharing pics online is a d*** move. just because she hurt you, doesn't mean you get to be a d***

  • Find another indian woman there and fuckk her hard right in front of ur indian wife

  • My 1st wife was very active when I got drafted during the Vietnam thing. We had talked, she was very sexually active with me, and I was fairly certain she could not go months on end without. So, I mentioned that "if" something happened while I was away, we would just deal with it. She seemed to take that as permission and near as I could tell she bedded every draft dodger in our County while I was gone.
    Things sort of went all to s*** when I came home and found out.
    2nd wife was similarly sexual, I decided no cheating, we would just swing if we wanted to. That led to a LOT of experiences, starting with doing it in front of friends to swapping. Since then, been doing it ever since, right up to last Saturday night with two couples we know. Helps to keep and old man up and ready to go!

  • Love that send me some pics at or post them on reddit

  • I always long to see what asset underneath her long attire called Sari... Frankly speaking she showing little length of her belly down to almost her shaven mound and deep navel plus bare nape on her back are simply erotic and too inviting ....

  • And if like swop photos videos pls do send

  • O love indian ladys was married to one and i love join in and do what ever like

  • Talk to her about how you really feel

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