Boarding school

I used to sneak into the shed were they kept the gardening tool with my girl friends. It was right next to the boys showers and discovered we could see inside through holes were towel hooks once were. It was out bye the running tracks and baseball field and away from the main high school building. It was tempting because boys used to shower after PE and teacher were off doing something else. We kept it a secret from other girls and sneaked in to pee on them. I remember four boys would shower at a time while we took turns watching them soaping up stark naked picking the ones that ha bigger d****. I remember it was so arousing to go back to the main building with our panties wet. In all the time we in there to peep on them we almost saw every boy in school naked. If they only knew they had no secrets left to keep from us they would died of shame. I remember looking at the boy I liked and ending with bigger crush on him and found myself fingering every night thinking of him. Only thing I would have wished was peeping on them with their d*** hard sticking up in the air.

Jul 2, 2021

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  • You should’ve just told the dude what you did and unless you’re an ugly hag, I’m sure he would’ve let you blow him at the least.

  • She's reported all those boys now for sexually assaulting her

  • You;re a sick little t***.

  • Liar

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