What do you think about this?

My daughter didn't do much with her grandmother at all. She wouldn't call her or visit her
But when she found out that her Grandmother had Cancer, she asked her Grandmother for her share of her inheritance money, because she wanted to get married.
She didn't do anything for her Grandmother when her Grandmother needed help, but she felt she should get her money before her Grandmother died.
Personally I think this is a very Cold thing to do.
And it is not your money it is your grandmother's money untill she decides to leave it to the person or person's she wants to.
So please let me know your feelings about this..

Jul 2

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  • Your daughter is a sociopath and can never change. She has no conscience. Go no contact with her immediately. She is toxic. Tell your mother to not give her one penny the ingrate.

  • Sounds typical for her generation and all of the other self-entitled imbeciles like her.

  • They are NOT only entitled they are pathological sociopaths and she needs to go no contact. They are predators who have no cosnscience and CANNOT change. They need to be ENDED.

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