Breastfeeding vent

Breastfeeding twins on demand, 14 month and husband follows me into shower for his sexual release, turned on by my milk filled b******! Doctor cannot answer how long to feed on demand. She just tells me I am the mom and need to let them have my b****** as much as they want. Doctor is from another country and believes you feed as long as one can. She breastfed her children for three years and doesn’t believe in anything less then two years. She tells me of babies in a sling so they are always on a nipple and other stories of mothers breastfeeding 13, 14 year olds! Adds there are no studies on adults drinking breast milk but tells me there is nothing bad about it. My b****** are sore from the twins frequent strong sucking. Older child did not create my discomfort. Twins cry when I take them off my b****. Tried pacifiers both want nothing to do with them. I lay my head back, so tired while feeding and fall asleep. Wake and they still are suckling. Bottom line is double crying when off b****** and content while on. Anyone know when on demand feeding becomes less?

Jul 9, 2021

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  • I had planned to breastfeed for a year. My doctor said that was a good time but that I should try to do it for at least six months. I ended up breastfeeding until he was 9 months old, I still had a lot of milk stored up from pumping so he actually got breastmilk until he was about 10 months.

  • I wouldn't breasted at all. If I already sacrificed my body to give birth I won't have a kid sucking the life out of me.

    You are so selfless and strong because if it were I'd push them away from my b**** 😂

  • My ex was a breast feeding n***. She breast fed our kids until they were 7. We had 3 kids and she'd do the youngest first and then the next youngest and finally the oldest would have a suck.

  • Do it as long as there is milk flowing.

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