I hate Turkish men they are pigs

So I spent a month in Alanya. It is on the Mediterranean and is naturally gorgeous. Howver turks are such as$holes I will NOT be going back. OBVIOUSLY, I was THERE for the beach and weather . Since I am European and it is FREEZING in Europe in Winter. I AM NOT There for ugly short swarthy Turks. THEY however have a mommy complex and are either autistic , retarded or narcissistic because they ACTUALLY BELIEVE that a beautiful European woman who could have a SPaniard-the most gorgeous men in Europe-would go IN DECEMBER TO TURKEY just to find a small ugly turk. Yeah. That is not how it works Turkish idiots. NO one wants you. BEACH< WEATHER. SWIMMING IN DECEMBER. THAT Is what we go to Turkey for. And I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ISLAM OR MOHAMMED ON CHRISTMAS get a freaking clue you idiots! JESUS is not a prophet he is the savior so shut up!

Jul 9, 2021

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  • You were there with wrong Turks ...

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