I think my boss heard me

One of my best friends worked for the same company as me, and we even shared the same office. The owner of the company's office shares a wall with ours.
This company is family owned. The husband is the founder and CEO, the wife is the HR manager, and the daughter is the office manager.
Despite the success of their company, the three of them are honestly the most retarded people I have ever met. Their obvious shortcoming is how uneducated the three of them are, but that realization is overshadowed by their severe lack of social and communication skills. If you want to work with idiots, apply at this company.
So my friend and I hated this job, but we almost enjoyed it because we spent the entire day with our door closed making fun of them for their horrible personalities and how ugly they all were. We laughed about how the husband and wife probably haven't had s** since their daughter was born because she was so ugly, they didn't want to bring more disgraceful children into this world. We would also imitate them and their sub-standard social skills. We literally spent almost the entire day everyday insulting them. We both quit around the same time, and on my last day, the owner informed me that he was able to hear absolutely everything my friend and I said about them...
So I guess I wont be using any of them as a reference.

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  • I hope your boss did hear you and that they found a way to spread the word about the horrible person that you are. You have no right criticizing someone else's social skills when you've clearly state that the only thing you did at that job was sit around and make immature little jokes about the people who were considerate enough to give you a job and a paycheck in the first place. Have fun going nowhere in life with that attitude.

  • It seems likely, now that you and your friend are gone, that the business are saying that the two of you are "honestly the most retarded people they have ever met". Or else they have already forgotten about both of you.

  • No, though he was ugly and other things, I will give him this. He had too much class and sensitivity to use the offensive word "retarded" that is insulting to people with learning disabilities. Of course, in your small world you wouldn't know that. You probably never got out of that little, tired town you exist in. You probably use offensive, racists words too, and think you are some kind of holier than thou wonder. You probably are some kind of smug, closet bible thumper who thinks God is on his side and everybody else is going to h*** and all that crazy crap. Yeah, that's you. P.S. Get your delusional head out of that bible for a minute and KISS MY ASS!

  • If you'll get your head out of your own ass for half a second you'll notice that the word that offends you is a quote from the OP.

  • I do agree with you, the word "retarded" is offensive to anyone with any disability. But it's interesting that you're calling out the commenter saying, "You probably use offensive racists words too.." That line seems to be hypocritical to another one of your posts. Note: Your response says by Anonymous, so maybe this response really isn't by the original poster..1z1s.

    But going back to the offensive and racist words part..
    Your rant about Chinese people.."No matter where I go or what I do, I am surrounded by Chinese people who are doing stupid things and are acting like retards. Every time I see Asians standing in the middle of the road taking pictures or doing whatever Asian people do, I secretly wish I was the one driving the car that almost ran them over, because I WOULD run them over. They are all small enough that I could probably run down the whole family in one go. Too bad I don't like Chinese food."

    Because that sounds pretty racist and you use the word "retards".. so just sayin'

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