Disturbing Change

When I was around 17, I became obsessed with a celebrity who I will leave unnamed. His life and work became the focus of my thoughts, and soon I he was the only thing I could think about. It wasn’t anything sexual, it was more of an admiration or a desire to be like him. I bought similar clothes to his, and changed my hairstyle to like more like his. Within the next year, I noticed several changes about me. My appearance has slowly become more reminiscent of this man as well as my personality. I’ve become more distant and depressed, my hair and eyes are a darker shade of brown, and I’ve become much more creative. I think my obsession is manifesting into a personality change that reflects the traits of this celebrity. My family and friends are starting to notice it as well, but they haven’t had any serious conversations with me about it. I’m worried that this will eventually damage my relationships. I wish I could tell them, but it seems much too strange to explain to them. I’m wondering if these changes could be unrelated, but if they are, how is this happening?

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  • I think you should see a mental health professional for underlining issues that might manifest in a deep "admiration" for this person.

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