I can happen...

Group s** happens more often than you think. I read a confession on this site from a 16 year old girl who got in over her head at a fraternity party and ended up allowing a group of guys to use her. Well I am not 16 and stupid, I am a 30 year old professional female and it happened to me.
This is pretty much a two part confession. Confession number #1, I have been having an affair behind my husbands back for the past year. As part of my job I travel frequently. The company I work for has several satellite locations and I do quarterly inventory and audit on all of them. Two years ago at one of the stores I met a a man and was immediately super attracted to him. His name is Ron. He is black, two years younger than me and very attractive. Yes I am white and at that point I had never had s** with a black guy before. My second day there Ron asked me to accompany him to lunch. Well lunch evolved into drinks after work, drinks evolved into Ron spending the night in my hotel room. It was the most amazing s** of my life! We hook up every time I am at his location.
Fast forward to last week and confession #2. I was at his location to audit April-June. The first day we practically ran to the hotel at 5pm. Day two Ron asked if I would go with him to a backyard BBQ/party at one of his friends house. I accepted. There were maybe twenty people there, mostly guys. Maybe a half dozen girls. After some drinks, food and hanging out Ron suggested we slip inside the house for a quickie. We were in an upstairs bedroom going at it. I was on my back with my legs in the air and Ron was between my legs pounding my p****.
Then it happened... I heard the door open. I tried grabbing a cover, sheet, pillow, something to cover up. Ron kept going and never missed a stroke! Two of his friends walked into the room and started undressing. I looked up at Ron in panic but he just gave me an evil grin as he kept f****** me. The two guys climbed onto the bed and started massaging my b******. There I was being sexually used by three black men! One guy pulled my hand over and placed in on his c***. Next thing I know I had a c*** in each hand stroking as I was getting f*****. Ron must have really liked what he saw because he slammed into me and I felt him unload as he held his c*** inside me. As Ron pulled out and backed away one of his friends immediately climbed between my legs and shoved his c*** in me. The other guy grabbed my head and shoved his c*** in my mouth. After a minute the guys decided to put me in a better position for my situation. They put me up on all fours as the guy started f****** me doggy and the other guys got in front of me and again started using my mouth. But during this transition I got an even bigger surprise as I got a view of the room. There were several more guys standing around stroking their c****. There was even a small group of people (both guys and girls) standing in the doorway watching the show. Over the next several hours I was put in every position you can imagine as guys lined up to use my mouth and p****. At least eight or ten guys joined in. When things started to wind down and the last guy came inside me I was exhausted! Ron helped me to the bathroom to clean up. As much as I tried to swallow, my face and hair were a sticky mess. As I walked I could feel the c** leaking out of me and running down my thighs.
The next day, my last there, I had to wave Ron off on coming to the hotel after work. I was way too sore for s**.
We have spoken since and Ron has let me know that this is only the beginning. He has plans to expend my sexual horizons even further. He wouldn't go into detail but put me on notice he has plans for my next visit.

Jul 24, 2021

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  • This story had me rock hard and c******. I would give anything to be you girl. πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ‘„

  • Yours is a classical scenario of MMF and then group s** or may be gang bang. You did enjoy all of it. And enjoy when you are still able to enjoy ... But mine is different - I have a small group of close friends, 4 Bi-couples aged 30 to mid- 40s. We met at least once a month in each of our house by rotation. After a good meal and a couple or more of drinks, we retire to a darken room, shed off our dress, feel and grope with each others bodies and have s** at our will, male-female, no bar. At the day break we take on our respective partners to f*** to end with our sessions.

  • You’re full of crap.

  • When one of my older female coworkers suddenly started getting more and more overtly frisky with me and my fellow male coworkers I asked one if he knew why she was suddenly risking getting into trouble with the heavy flirting that verged on sexual harassment or assault? He was surprised I didn't know that she had put in her notice. She and her husband were retiring and moving to the opposite side of the states. She is under pressure from her husband to mess around with us guys from work before they move out. I didn't know what to say to that or how to respond to her next time.

    A week later I found myself alone with her. I told her I'd miss her and stuff and she replied in kind. As delicately as I could, I asked her if the rumors were true, regarding her sowing some wild oats before she left. She smiled and gave me some hard truth that I wasn't ready for. That is, she admitted what she has been doing in a blunt, shocking way seemingly to blow my mind and freak me out. If that was her goal; it worked.

    Even though she was a good Christian woman, a wife has to do what a wife has to do to keep the man in her life happy. Since she convinced him to move to a small conservative town to retire, he talked her into sowing major oats before they moved.

    She wants him to come to church with him and he wants her to attend swing parties, host g******** and more. She said she feared she was losing the battle for her and her husband's souls as she is finding doing sinning stuff more pleasurable and easier to deal with the more she does it. She was at a loss of what to do about it. That was almost two years ago.

    I ran into her grown daughter yesterday. No, the parents have not moved yet. That move seems to still be on hold.

  • W**** i hope your husband finds out and leaves you

  • Not so much group s** as it is rape.

  • Fantasy....

  • The fact you have a husband and you do that behind his back? Just leave him and be a w****. Your a c** dumpster.

  • That's how i like it: a c** dumpster will do anything i tell her. weep

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