My mother the prison officer

Yesterday morning my mother started working at the local prison/correctional facility as a prison officer/guard and about 2 hours after she started work I arrived at the centre and asked her boss if I could speak with her and her boss said she is very busy dealing with the prisoners here at the moment she is a guard / Officer after all so he called her back to the office and we sat down in the office and had a bit of a discussion between myself and my mother and her boss Darren and all of a sudden her boss suggested that she find an empty prison jail cell and lock me up for a few hours and she said to her boss Darren if my son is going to be a prisoner he will need to hand over his personal belongings and have a shower and put his prisoner clothes on and Darren her boss said well your the officer / guard dealing with prisoners is your responsibility Narelle and with that my mother said ok hand over your personal belongings right now with that her boss Darren said we will need to get some mugshots of him as well please narelle and my mother said yes I'm well aware of that Darren and with that she said it's time for me to take your mugshot then I will take you to have a shower and then you can get dressed in your green prisoners uniform then I will handcuff you and take you to your prison cell and her boss Darren said why don't you put him in a solitary confinement cell narelle and she replied I thought I would put him in with the general population of other prison inmates and her boss Darren said ok well make sure that his cell door is slammed shut and padlocked shut from the outside and with that I was taken down to the shower block and forced to have a shower under guard next I got dressed in my green prisoners uniform and I was immediately handcuffed and taken to my prison cell and my mother as the prison officer / guard said step into the cell for me please and with that she immediately closed the cell door behind me and padlocked it shut and went straight back to the office to let her boss Darren know that I was now officially a prisoner and Darren said to her it's tough when your own child becomes a prisoner while you are working here as a prison officer/guard and she said absolutely it is but it's my job and Darren said that's right narelle and she said I'm definitely going to leave him here as a prisoner for at least the next 4 years and Darren said that's a very good idea Narelle

Jul 27, 2021

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