I sense my recent gf is having a thing with her boss at the office. I'm mostly never home I'm a realtor so I have busy days constantly on my computer phone etc typical business dude but I try my very best to keep that spark of attention and love for my gf of 4 years. I noticed on her days off she's constantly on her phone today I was at the breakfast bar having a snack and noticed her phone was vibrating I picked it up and it was her boss she didn't get to it for the fact that she was in the shower but she had just gotten out so I hollowed your boss is calling. She came quickly and took the conversation inside. When we go out I've noticed she feels this guilt as if she did something terribly
Wrong that she has to constantly be clingy with me. When se goes to the office and every now and then we FaceTime when her boss walks in she ends the conversation immediately. Idk how to think and how to approach the subject without offending her but lately it's been taking my hours of sleep at night where I think and wonder what if she is having an affair with that man but then I ask myself constantly what have I done wrong in terms of being a good
Man, providing,giving and receiving equally for 4 years from each other. So lately I've been ignoring her a bit but she doesn't really notice or asks how
My days went she's not the same what should I do leave and stay focused on my career get over her I'll find someone else or try to A*** luxe things and talk it out to understand what she's feeling. But the cringe I feel of somebody else kissing her holding her etc is unbearable and disgusting...

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  • Leave her dude. Get your life back together and start over. If you absolutely can't, ask her to move and start over. Your jobs sent worth your happiness brother.

  • This man is right. She doesn't care for you u need to drop her bro

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