Wife lost weight and I hate it

I’ve always likes fatter women, not chubby, not SSBBW, but the middle road BBW. When I first started dating my wife she was about 230lbs, 5’3”, and nicely fat with big b****. We talked openly about such things and she was very happy and excited to finally be with someone who liked her fat. She had always been with guys that forced her to diet, degraded her, etc. She told me that she had gotten down to 150-ish lbs by basically not eating and doing cardio every day, but she was unhappy because she couldn’t eat what she wanted. Finally one day she snapped, ate some fattening food, and poof the diet was over.
She was so beautiful and fat and we both liked it and could talk openly about it. S e x was awesome, and one day I was on top and she said “grab my fat” and I nearly lost control right there. Over time she would ask if I wanted her fatter and how fat she could get, and I said no limit, so exciting.
We got married she was about 240lba with huge F-cup b o o b s, the kind you put your head on and are instantly asleep. She loves her b o o b stoo so it was all good. After we were married she got up to a macron 260lbs in late 2019, and then slowly leveled off at about 250lbs. We get along well, it isn’t just fat, food, and s**, okay? But physical attraction is a big part of relationships.
It was great until she went to the doctor for BC pills and basically he yelled at her for a while about how fat she was. She left in tears (and no BC pills) and said she needed to lose some weight. I thought “ok, sure, 20 or 30lbs would be ok”. Well, she went full crazy and in six months lost 60lbs. Her b**** are half the size they were before. We were both so excited when she hit size 20 jeans, as she’d been stuck in 18s for so long. Now she is a 14. Her shirts are so small it’s like a kid’s shirt. Every time I fold her laundry I get p***** off.
This isn’t what I wanted to marry. I wanted the fat girl with huge b o o b s, not the everyday suburbs housewife was-hot-in-high-school-but-put-on-30-lbs-after-having-two-kids look.
Now - I get it - her body, her choice. Her health, living longer, not having back pain at the end of the day, being able to walk up flight of stairs without panting, etc. she is happy now at her weight. We have had some “conversations” about this issue. She said she is never gaining the weight back. It’s over.
But from my view, I’m p*****. I married the fat fiel with big b o o b a and now that was taken from me, very shortly after we met and married. I can’t get over it. And I’m not attracted to her anymore in the same way. Now she looks “good” to me, her b o o b s are a 42DD now (down from 44 F) so I’m a tight shirt she can look very hot. But it just isn’t the same for me and every moment of every day when I see her I have this anger. She plateaued at about 190lbs (188 the other day) is still trying to lose more. Her diet is basically the starvation method. She eats two eggs for breakfast and no lunch, and then some dinner. She says she still loves food like before just doesn’t eat as much. She asked to go to a buffet and I asked “why? What would be the point?”
Again, I know. Her body, her choice, her happiness, her health. And I support that part. But I’m still angry as f * c k about those f * ing 60lbs. It’s not the body I wanted, was attracted too, and married. I’m venting here because there is no where else to go. For her, this is a done and buried subject. We basically just never talk about fat, or food, or anything. S e x Life is basically over as well because we would talk about being fat and getting fatter as s e x talk, but without that might as well talk about work and the weather outside. If you don’t have this kink you won’t understand. I know someone will hate this post. Maybe someone else will understand. FML.
So, yeah, great, wonderful. You lost two more pounds and ate bird seed for lunch? Fantastic. Way to go babe. Proud of you. 🙄🙄🙄

Aug 1

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  • My wife is 5'3" and was 300lbs when we married 10 years. After two kids she gained about 70lbs. She looked amazing and the s** was incredible...Then because of pressure from her family she decided to lose weight and lost 200lbs...I was supportive but inside I was far from happy....Fortunately like most fat people once she went off the diet she started to gain weight again...At first she fought it and was worried about regaining the weight but ultimately as she slowly gained more and more, she realized it was a losing battle. That was 5 years ago...As of today she has gained all the weight back plus another 40lbs. She is tipping the scales at around 410lbs. She no longer gives a crap about her weight and has resigned herself to being a big fat wife...I couldn't be happier and told her so with a kiss, a dozen roses and her favorite carrot cake with cream cheese icing...
    Life is good.

  • Me and my son are both 400 pluse. I'm 68 he is 47 we both love being fat. Hope your wife gets big agin.

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