I have to tell someone!

I had s** with a gay prostitute during lunch Friday afternoon! If I don't tell someone I am going to burst.
There are several bars and restaurants within walking distance of my office. One I enjoy is a dive bar with killer burgers. I was sitting at the bar nearly finished with my burger when a young skinny guy sat down next to me. He was good looking, maybe around 24, wearing sweats. We made small talk as he looked at the menu and ordered. As I was ready to leave the guy whispered to me "I will suck you d*** for forty bucks". The bathrooms in this bar are downstairs in the basement area. They are small, single toilet, single sink rooms. He got up and gave me a head motion to follow him. watched as he walked over and went downstairs. I was super nervous as I got up and went downstairs. When I got there he was in the room marked "boys with the door open. I walked in, shut the door and locked it. He immediately got down on his knees. I opened my pants and he started sucking my d*** like crazy. I a minute I was rock hard! I reached down and pulled him to his feet. I spun him around and pulled down his sweat pants. I quickly lubed him with spit and shoved my d*** in his a**. He gripped the sink and bent over more to give me better access. I f***** hard and fast. It only took a couple of minutes to get off. I shot my load inside him, zipped up, handed him the forty bucks and left the bar in a hurry.

Aug 1, 2021

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