Tough girl has me scared

I Confess that I am scared of this woman who I will call Ms. C hereafter. She is a Black belt who just got out of prison. She was convicted of a crime causing great bodily harm to her victim. I went out a date with her several months before she committed her crime. On our date she was fantastic we had dinner went to a movie and then had a couple drinks at a bar. She went to the bathroom while we were at the bar and I cashed out the bar tab and dipped. She drove so I had to walk about 1 mile to where my car was parked. I have a bad feeling she never forgot about it. My poor conduct that night has been a memory that comes back to her whenever she thinks about me. I have a bad feeling that she had anger built up inside of her. I mean how often does a man dip out on a date and leave her like I did. I am nervous that she is going to take some built up anger she has out on me. She will break a few of my bones and use my body as a punching bag. I am nervous and have decided that whatever happens happens. I deserve it. She treated me really nice. I for some stupid reason bailed on her during our date. You do not bail on a woman for no reason during a date while she is in the bathroom.

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  • You could be a man and call her and apologies for what you did and ask her what you could do to make up for it. But you have to be man enough to do what she asks of you.

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