Again the conversation Anomaly echo people talking in ceiling

Something is f***** up it has happened before. People are talking having a conversation I'm there house. Somehow a repeater device is broadcasting it inside my home. It reminds me of this baby monitor but my friend has upstairs from where her baby was it was picking up her mother-in-law TV and the other room next to the baby's room and the receiver that was stationed downstairs at
the back of the house where she had her laptop set up. She was working on an internet business and learning so she had videos playing as well as pod cast. If she was not watching a tutorial she was on the phone talking to someone. If she was not in her spot she was upstairs feeding and taking care of her new born. I could hear her upstairs but the mother in law tv had me freaked out until I recognized it was her t.v. I thought she had some covert operation going on and was talking to someone. It sounded like she was responding to someone who was talking about my car. She was talking to herself going yeah yup alright ok hmm well she was taking care of baby and just saying stuff that almost seemed to go along with the person in tv that was asking her questions about my car. I parked my car behind her car in the garage. I told her to use my car if it was easier cause she would go to the 7/11, her parents lived down the road she would go there and her mother in law would watch baby. Her husband was in Afghanistan he was in the military. I was roommate for a few months. I use to work with her at a mortgage company and then we stayed friends. I don't know why it sounded like she was answering to somebody asking questions about my car. I think she was humming a tune. We were both Catholic and one tune sounded like" she will be coming around the mountain when she comes" "bakers man " "this is the day that the lord has made"
Then the t.v would come on when she was putting baby to sleep and was quiet. Mother f***** they be talking about the exact same s*** Everytime. It was weird as f***. Ok here was what happened. The t.v got louder when commercials came on. So the commercial were the same commercials pretty much and when her tv show was on it got quiet and I couldn't make out much then the commercials were these type of daytime commercials previews for talk shows lawyers and a cabinet company also the KIA car dealership where the guy is gonna make you huge , get free vacation get this get that a cruise people came in and the deals they got He had a side kick girl that he would be talking to in the commercials. It took me for a spin then I called my girl Ashley Grace to come over her boyfriend brought her over he was also my friend. Ashley was thinking how I was thinking crazy her boyfriend figured it out in 30 secs the commercials sound like they are talking to you or about you and it's the same commercials every 12 to 15 mins. He says I was thinking about my car because I was letting my friend use it and she excited Everytime she drove it because it was stick shift they saw her at the 7/11 and she was talking about how fun a stick shift is her first car was a mustang 5.0 stick and that was when she was in high school for the last 5 years she been driving this slush bucket slow automatic worn out blazer. She hops in her roommates little sports car and she was bragging how she barks second gear Everytime and it's such a fun car to drive. She recognized Ashley from the videos And told her she might start making videos for you also but it would be weird cause me and her been friends for so long she didn't know. I was excited to hear about this because it was true I was wanting to ride with her ever since the first time she used my car and she came back and was talking about how she had to floor it and see what it could do and she barked second gear that it was fun. Some kid revved his Honda Civic at the light and she revved it really hard I wanted to see her she we as my good friend and I only saw her drive really slow but she looked like she had a secret lead foot but her car was just not capable.

Sep 1, 2021

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