I nearly crapped my pants!

I sometimes hire prostitutes. I am a mid 40's male in a sexless marriage. Prostitutes are an easy, no strings way to get what I need without complication.
I have a mid 20's cute girl I see on a regular basis. Last week she surprised me by telling me her younger sister (Elizabeth) needed some money and wanted to meet a a couple of willing males. She said her sister was "hot". I agreed and she gave me a number to call. I did and arranged a day, time and got directions.
I am going to throw this in to make things clear up front. The "age of consent" for s** in our state is 16.
I arrived at the house and got a shock immediately. A lady in her 40's answered the door! I didn't know what to say, I nearly walked away. She said, "it's ok Elizabeth is in the back". She apparently knew what I was there for. She pointed me to a room. I walked in and shut the door behind me as I got shock number two. There stood a tiny little blonde girl, not even 5 foot tall, maybe 90 pounds and dressed in PJ's. She looked like she was 12. But here sister was right she was absolutely gorgeous. Actually perfect! But, again I nearly turned around and got the heck out of there. I asked about her mom being in the other room. Elizabeth said "she's cool". Then she stripped of the pajama's and stood there in a tiny pair of Batman panties. I was still in ONG mode! She finally just came out and said "are you going to get undressed". Something made me actually begin moving and I stripped in seconds. She got on her knees and began sucking my c***. I really didn't need it I was already semi hard just looking at her. After a minute I pushed her back on the floor and pulled off her Batman panties. Again I have to use the word perfect! She had a tiny, bald P**** that was better than any picture I had ever seen. At this point my c*** could have chipped ice and there was no going back. I f***** her! She made sure to tell me to pull out, she wasn't on birth control. I put her on all 4's and f***** her doggy and shot a huge load onto the cutest ass I had ever seen!
Afterward I started thinking "I can't believe I did that". As we were dressing I actually asked her how old she was? I felt like it was Christmas when she replied "I will be 17 in two weeks. I will be going back VERY soon.

22 days

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  • I am in my 50s, still single but I don't mind with it as I get everything of s** out of my three call-girls aged 25 to 55. Few weeks back, one of them asked me a favor for her young neighbor, Ela (age concealed for privacy reasons) as she is in dire need of money to pay her rent. I told her that I will have s** with her while she looks on to help her initiation, she agreed and I asked her to bring this girl. We met in the next evening. Ela must have been briefed by this woman as soon after a few drinks, she undressed herself showing off her perky small pair of globe - may be 32C and shaven mound. After a few kisses with my hungry hands on her b****, I moved my hand toopen her tightly held thighs, her friend helped holding one of Ela's legs up exposing the glory of glistening p****. I ran my finger along the lips and slit teasing her small c***. I felt the entrance rather small. I used some lube into it and on my p**** head. I was almost getting impatient to dive into her.... Yes, I did so and her friend was still held her leg up. The entry into her c*** by my c*** was somewhat easy but then I had push hard my c*** into her and I could hold no longer and e*********. But I went pushing deeper and then it went into her rather easily. Her friend released her leg and I held her tight against me till my c*** started to soften. Her friend left but Ela decided to stay back and at late at night we had the best f*** for both of us. She agreed to visit me whenever I wanted to.

  • I met this redhead, she was a waitress at the place where I got breakfast. We chatted, after a few days I asked her out, she looked my up and down and said, "You are cute, OK."
    So, I arrived at her apartment she shared with another girl, I was sitting there when she came out of the shower, it was just a stall recessed into the wall, the toilet etc was in a different room and very tiny. She had a towel wrapped around herself, she dropped it, right in front of me. The apartment was just one room, had a single bed and a couch, one chair.
    "Sorry, nowhere else to change." she said. I didn't mind, she looked great naked. We went out, came home, she invited me in, where we had s** in the almost dark while her roommate was there on the bed.
    Then I found out she was barely 17, I would have guessed middle 20's.
    Married her a year later, lasted 3 years.
    She was a bit on the loose side, too loose for my tastes.
    Makes me a pedophile in our State, but I really didn't know at the time she was still classified as a child. She had been on her own since age 13.
    Most experienced female I ever spent any time with, to her s** was a nice way of saying she liked a person and she thought nothing of having some with people I knew. Sort of upsetting.

  • That would be "hebephile" as "pedophile" refers to prepubescent age under ~12. The term pedophile is commonly over-used.


  • Reminds me of a young girl I met 2 years ago she was about 17 maybe younger, very quiet and shy. I found her out side a dollar store at night, At first she told me to go away but I came back 20 minutes later and she agreed to hang out with me for an hour. She was very very shy she only wanted to pull up her skirt to f*** but eventually I had her top and skirt completely off as we did it in a empty parking lot of some wear houses I have never had as much adrenaline as I did that night, she asked me to wear a condom but I ripped it off part way and cumed in side her. My heart has never beat so hard before I will never forget that feeling being inside her. I went back looking for her for 6 nights but never did I find her again


  • I hire prostitutes often because I am in a sexless go nowhere marriage. I like older women though. Around the mid-40s to middle 50s. Having a boot/shoe/foot fetish prostitutes offer a no-strings-attached playtime that gives what I need. I once got hooked up with a new woman that I never met before. I arrived at the address given and when she answered the door it turned out to be my wife's best friend. From her, I learned the wife had been seeing someone for many years before. Way before I turned to prostitutes. Anyways I went home the evening with heel marks still on my forehead and face. That night she joined the wife and me for supper.
    We now have regular sessions 3 times a week.

  • I crapped my pants once, it was not fun, in fact in p***** me off. It was preventable, but I was not allowed to go to the Washroom. Also my Cousin crapped herself in front of me on our first kiss, she and I had big crush’s on each other.


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