The watermelon plumbing incident

Okay here's how The story goes I must confess I have to go to a maintenance call on a clogged toilet. I first obviously tried to plunge the toilet with the plunger and I have another toilet snake tool that was not going to go for the down or just jammed so I had to pull the toilet. And this is actually apartment I live in one of the units it's four units to duplexes. So I was actually on site and had never never seen this particular incident of what was blocking the toilet. My first time I noticed was a lot of toilet paper that was packed down really well when that have been from all the plunging that was done it packed the toilet paper down like really serious I pulled all that out and I thought I was done but then I noticed there was something else down in the drain line. It was dark so I walked to my apartment got a light and come back and I sound like down into the drain which is about 3-in pipe that the toilet sits on with the wax ring. And I was shocked to find a rather healthy looking set of watermelon plants inside the pipe. It wasn't just like a plant like it was like growing into like a vine that packed in as a bush. I do not know what to do so I had to call my father who owns a property and tell him about this plant inside the drain pipe. So he came out to the site in order to take charge of this maintenance call. He gave me a tool that had the metal kind of hook on me about end of it I might have been like a long pry bar and I had to use this in order to manually pull out these this plant in it just kept going and going and going it was like several feet of plant. I kept thinking to myself how did this happen because this did not just grow overnight it must have been at least a week or two with the thickness that it was there's no way ** was going through it but the people the tenants were using the toilet and obviously they were flushing it was going down how is it going nowhere to go I don't know I never will know the answer to that. But I started thinking about my child years growing up in Florida watermelon Was a summer fruit that I ate almost daily. My dad would probably bring home a watermelon almost every other day and he would be proud of how great of a water bill he was purchasing. He would slice the watermelon and the pieces so we had just reach and grab them a piece of watermelon that's already cut sometimes my Mom would make it like a fancy dish when she would take a ice cream scooper and make scoop ** from the watermelon and make like watermelon salads. But one thing that we were told was never to swallow the seeds or one you can choke on it too it might grow inside your stomach and three it would end up in the sewer system and then they will be watermelon plants growing in services I never believe three three was just like the final like laughing part of the whole thing. You just didn't want to eat the seeds it was not something that you did. What we would do is we would eat the watermelon and spit the seeds out as we ate it. Now there was some high class kids that I knew in my neighborhood and they would actually fork the seeds out of their white room and then eat the watermelon but I was more of like the country boy I ate mine and I just split the seeds out as I ate. So I proceed to clean all this watermelon plant out of the toilet drain and it was a quite a bit of work it was a lot more than I expected to get into for 50 bucks. And I also forgot my gloves so I had to do it in my bare hands. Not a big deal because I'm not big about germs I don't really care if I got this dreams out there I've already got them. My dad told me to put his gloves on I said no keep them I'm good I just wanted to get it done so the people can get back to s*******. After everything was done my dad go to plumbing store to purchase mountain screws for the toilet because they were rusted. As well as a new wax ring. At the plumbing store he asked the plumbing Master about the plant situation. He stated that Roots May invade old iron piping. This was PVC piping though. And that plants can grow in there but he never heard of watermelon plants but it's possible and anything to grow in there it just would never bear fruit because there's no sunlight. But it would grow with some serious growth quickly because there's a lot of nitrogen coming into the system in the form of **. So after I mounted the toilet back and I was done I was exiting the apartment and I saw the female tenant that rent apartment real pretty girl but guess what she was eating. 🍉

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    "COME GET YO **!"

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