Hookup with a HOT Asian girl at the Casino

I’m a 26 yr old iron worker. I was driving back home after a 4 month job in Arizona and decided to stop at a casino in Oklahoma to spend the night and try my luck at the slots.

I was sitting at the slots and a HOT AS F**K asian girl sat next to me. Mie Lu has dark hair and a dark tan, short maybe 4’10”, flat chested but you could see her nips poking through her thin brown crop top. She has a pierced belly ring & weighs around 90 - 100lb a definite spinner. She wasn’t wearing makeup, f**k she didn’t need it! She was only wearing big glitter eyelashes. I knew she was over 21 because she was playing slots and had a drink. Somebody checked her ID. She was wearing a denim mini skirt with heels. The skirt was so short I could see her white panties when she turned toward me.

I wasn’t doing good and was about to leave when she spoke with broken English. She wasn’t having much luck either. I told her was going to the restaurant. She hopped off her stool held my hand and went with me. OMG I was checking her out! F**K!!!.
BTW: I had my guard up. I thought she was a h*****.

Also, I work on the road and prefer a hookup app because both people discuss their intentions before. I thought this was a little weird. The waiter came with the check she told him to add it to HER room. My guard was still up with her intentions. I told her I was going back to the slots. She held my hand and went with me.

We bumped into her parents. Her dad was wearing a neon green Grand Canyon shirt with denim shorts that were too big. Her mom was wearing a neon pink tie dyed Grand Canyon shirt. I guess her parent didn’t speak English because Mie Lu started talking to them in Chinese or Japanese? Mie Lu held my hand and said, “May I stay with you tonight. Yes?” I said, “Sure” Her parents smiled, said something and walked away. She translated, “They say Thank You. They are very tired and want to get rest now. Can we follow them now and get my bag? Then they can rest for the night.” I said ‘sure’.

She pulled me into a convince store and bought a box of condoms. btw: I keep a stash in my bag.

We got stopped on the 2nd floor and she got her bag. I noticed their room had only one bed. Her parents kept smiling at me and saying something. Mie Lu said, “They say thank you for allowing me to stay with you.” She got her bag and we left.

We got inside my room and she attacked my c**k! She latched her lips on and began giving me the best damn b****** I’ve ever had! I didn’t last! She sucked the c** out of my c**k like a vacuum. DAAAMMM! She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, “You like?” I smiled and nodded yes.

She took off her cloths. I was still hard as F**K! Damn she looked F**king HOT! This girl had a body! Her nipples were tiny and black and she had a thick bush that I was not about to go down on! I put a wrapper on my buddy and she got on top. Instantly she started F**king me fast. I squeezed her tiny flat and a** while she rode me. As soon as she started riding me, she began making a high pitched squeal that was f**king deafening! Sounded like a p***** off dolphin! She got really loud when she orgasmed! She was breathing hard and said, “You turn” I got on top and pounded her hard. I didn’t last long. I didn’t want to take any chances so I pulled out before I started c******. She looked at the swollen condom and said, “Did I do that?” I said, “Yes you did.” She said, “You like?” I said, “Yes I did!” She got dressed and told me she was going back to play slots. I went with her.

We did slots for around an hour then came back to the room and F**ked for the rest of the night. She’s a freaky Energizer Bunny! OMG! I pounded her with everything I had. We F**ked until I was spent!
We used all the condoms in the box she bought so I had to get into my stash. I was not about to go raw inside her! LOL
My ears rung the next day! That DAMN squeal made me deaf!
I woke and got in the shower, she joined me and washed my body with the soapy wash rag. Nothing sexual. Well, does oral count? lol Let’s say my c**k got a good cleaning!

We met her parents for breakfast. They’re nice but don’t know English. They paid for my meal and she told me they were leaving after breakfast. They were on a bus tour. I asked for her number. She said, ‘I have boyfriend. He’s at university studying and couldn’t make the trip. Thank you for fun evening.’
Her parents were talking and she translated, “My parents thank you for allowing me to stay with you. They go to bed early and knew I wanted to stay up late to play slots.”
I went to check out and I was told my room bill was paid in full.
I took a silly photo of her her dancing in the hotel hallway. I showed the pic to one of my friends. He pointed out that her parents paid for a room and two meals so I could F**k their daughter. LOL
I didn’t realize that till he pointed it out.

Sep 21, 2021

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  • Most Asian p****** are tight and warm - good for deep pounding after sucking on them to lubricate well.

  • Asian girl's parents insist that she "love you long time". What a weird idea.


  • Weeeeeeeeeeehoooooooooool

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